Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Man We Love To Hate? Or, The Most Dangerous Man in Politics?

When I first created this site, a well-meaning and well-respected blogger said to me,

"Unless you want dramas, never talk about politics on your blog"

Well I LOVE drama, (admit it, who doesn't?) Politics? Meh, not so much. (I would rather talk about kittens than the Gold Standard) but I fear, this time I must break my "No politics on the blog" rule as amongst us walks a man so dangerous, so politically ambitious, and yet so damn cuddly that I worry that one day we will all wake up, this man will be running the country and we will all be scratching our heads, wondering what the hell happened.

I can only be talking about, BORIS JOHNSON.

Have you ever seen someone look quite so ineffectual and bumbling? He is the stereotypical favourite uncle. He reminds me just a little of Prince Philip, always dangerously close to putting his foot in it and yet quickly forgiven for his gaffes with a "It's Boris/Prince Philip, what did you expect?" and then sent on their way with the same fond look we give a toddler who has just smeared their own excrement across a wall because they didn't know any better.

Now that is bad enough when you are the Mayor, but this week there have been whisperings about Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister.

Holy shit, now I love a joke as much as the next person, but I am hoping that this never comes true. I can indulge Boris's little ways when he is stuck, dangling, on a zip wire with his little chubby legs wriggling in the air, (it makes an excellent gif) something that we can laugh at in years to come. I can smile when his floppy hair, blows across his face during a live news broadcast, and I can giggle when he uses the word ZOINK. But I don't want to laugh at the man touted as our next leader, I want to be inspired, be moved and not be, quite frankly, terrified that this man has tricked us with a cunning plan to fool us all into believing he was harmless before taking over the country and starting a revolution to overthrow the monarchy.

Boris, I beg you, stick to doing what you do best. Play the fool, be the man that we hate to love and just can't help ourselves. As the Mayor of London, we get to keep pretending that really, you have nothing to do with politics and are just a character we created for the Olympics, like Mandeville and Wenlock.

It is a dangerous tightrope you are walking, Uncle Boris. I do hope you don't fall (in with the wrong crowd)!

What do YOU think of Boris Johnson?

Is he harmless?

Do you find yourself secretly loving him, while publicly despising him?

Or have some of his previous comments to the press mean that you cannot stand him and are not a fan at all?

And what sort of Prime Minister do you think he would make anyway? I'm sure more of us, love him or hate him, would tune into Prime Minister's Question Time if he did become PM.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Oh lord, I love our Boris but couldn't deal with him as PM! We'd be a laughing stock!

    1. Do you think perhaps it is all a Blackadder style cunning plan and Boris is just a creation of a clever man?

      A bit like Keith Lemon? ;-)

  2. I love Boris Johnston. I want his babies. Or at least a cuddle in those arms. I imagine he would give a very good cuddle.


  3. God, I hope you aren't Boris's intern!!! ;-D

  4. I have no idea who he is, but I think this is a bit like the time we sent a turkey to the Eurovision. I mean we all grew up with him, laughed at him, watched him on telly of an evening.... but the minute you take him out of his comfort zone it makes us all look a little bit daft. Did I get it?

  5. Love Boris, as both a personality and as a politician. He may appear to be buffoonish, but there can be no doubt he is a highly intelligent man, who is as sharp as a tack and passionate in his views.

    Our democracy is something to be proud of - the fact that men and women can vote for people to run their council/country is something other nations may not be able to do so freely, yet there is apathy when it comes to elections, shown in the low turn-outs. Now, along comes Boris, like a breath of fresh air - the way he speaks is directly to the people, not in a condescending way, but in a way that he hopes they will understand. He throw in jokes to keep their attension, he uses colourful language, and you know he speaks like that off the cuff as well - he's a very witty man, and you have to have brains to have wit.

    Surely having a politician that people will want to listen to is a good thing? Someone who truly commits themselves to a cause is usually fuelled by honesty, and I'd like to think that what you see is what you get with Boris. He is the kind of person who could get you interested in politics, and maybe get you to go and cast your vote.

    Boris is completely well aware he's had a privileged upbringing, and a top-notch education - many of these kind of people concentrate on making their fortune; some make money for charitable ends; some go into the upper echelons of the Civil Service in Whitehall (where, by all accounts, the real power lies, and plenty of politicians will vouch for the the fact that the cutting TV comedy 'Yes, Minister' is pretty accurate). The rest go into politics, either to try and change things or due to a particular kind of ambition.

    We all know that there are certain types of people who are great leaders - great at speaking, getting people to listen and to actually do things - he has that lovable quality of sounding posh yet appearing to be a bit bumbling, but I do think, if he needed to get something done, he would not mess about.

    But representing the country as PM? Hmm. Really can't decide if I'd like that - he is certainly capable.

    I don't live in London anymore, but it seems to me he is, at least, a popular Mayor who is able to get people's attention as to what he is doing and what is happening. But I do believe, in his heart of hearts, he knows that 2012, with the Jubilee & Olympics in London, he may already have seen the best, most fun and most rewarding part of his career.

    1. Great comment, thank you. You've eloquently said exactly what I mean. I like Boris, I just can't help myself, I don't want to like him, and I certainly don't want him running the country, but he does have a knack of saying out loud what other politicians will only allude to.

      I just can't help but wonder if it is all an act and he is planning a coup as we speak. ;-) Boris-ninja style.

  6. Ah, you can't fake a guy like Boris - he's like a sillier, less flowery version of Stephen Fry. :)

    And I'll bet there's not a single politician out there who hasn't daydreamed about having a go at the top job, even if they know it won't happen - gotta feel sorry for poor old Dave Milliband sometimes ;)

  7. Boris is a cunt.

  8. I think I am in tune with most of the comments today, I have a huge soft sopt.for Boris, he is a breath of fresh air compared to most politicians, but obviously he did not get to where he is today by being a complete numpty, so is he potentially dangerous, I believe he may indeed be.

  9. I think I am in tune with most of the comments today, I have a huge soft sopt.for Boris, he is a breath of fresh air compared to most politicians, but obviously he did not get to where he is today by being a complete numpty, so is he potentially dangerous, I believe he may indeed be.

  10. Love this post lol. He he - couldn't have said it any better. One thing though - you can write about politics as much as you want! I'm constantly ranting about the economy - some of my best posts have been on this. Love a good rant!

  11. Boris Johnson is an evil Tory boys-club twat. Or a fucking muppet, if you will.


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