Thursday, 4 April 2013

Dacre, The Despicable Headline Maker.

Now I may be incredibly late to this party, (It's okay, I brought wine) but I found out yesterday, due to admittedly well-deserved outrage across various social media channels, that the Chairman of The Editors Code of Practice Committee is the Editor-In-Chief of that well known heralder of equality, harmony, peace and love, The Daily (Hate) Mail.

The Chairman of the Editors Code of Practice is the Editor-in-Chief of The Daily (Hate) Mail?

I swear to you now, if I would have heard this little of snippet of information on April 1st I would have sworn blind it was a bad April Fool's Day joke. I wouldn't have even thought about it for a second, (and I am the person who, just for a minute, thought that the Illamasqua 'The Age of Beige' was an excellent idea)

But alas it is true. Paul Dacre is the Chairman of the Editors Code of Practice (It is as ridiculous an idea as giving the keys of Broadmoor to a paedophile.........................Oh, hang on) and has now promised to fully investigate a story that he ran in his own newspaper only yesterday

I cannot be alone in seeing that something is terribly wrong here, can I?

It is like getting a group of serial killers together in a club and then letting Andrei Chikatilo be in charge of the rules of conduct.

I am all for a free press, during The Levenson Inquiry, the British press said that people, politicians and celebrities should be held accountable for when they do the wrong thing, but SURELY this should also extend to the press themselves. It is one thing to police yourself but when the sheriff is the meanest, baddest muthafu**er of them all? 


When you give the key to the Lion's cage to the Lions themselves, people shouldn't be surprised when the lions start walking around like they own the whole zoo.

What do you think?

Do you find it ludicrous that an editor of The Daily (Hate) Mail is allowed anywhere near a code of practice committee?

Did you find yesterday's Daily Mail front page offensive?

and what do you think about the press governing themselves in general?

Let me know, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. I'm just commenting as you promised a smiling kitten!

  2. Are you f'ing serious!? I don't actually know what to say (although i'm also late to this party and I don't have wine)

    Anyway,yesterdays front page was just well, Daily Wail crap wasn't it to be honest. It should not have been printed. I don't give any time to this paper but from what i've heard the whole story was pretty awful and also disrespectful to the other children he has 'bred'.
    I'm sure it fed the animals of our society and that's all the Daily Wail wants. It probably got the reaction they were dying for. Twats

  3. I didn't know that. I think that's just wrong to be fair.

  4. I thought there was a mini step forward after the whole News of the World shutting down and the Leveson inquiry but it all seems futile.

    One step forward - two steps back.

    Honestly, it's a rigged game.

    That is partly why I started blogging because there needs to be more voices on any subject that is not biased and not courted. No matter how insignificant the view or subject.

    It is odd that as we should increasingly have more rights and yet the tipping point is passed and now we are going back to medieval guilds controlling most things.

    Sorry to be so down but I am rather deflated by it all...

    1. I completely agree. It's definitely one of the reasons I blog. And will continue to post blogs such as this one.

  5. It has just made me think that there is absolutely no point whatsoever in complaining to them about anything, least of all the Daily Mail. I know we have a voice and should use it, but it's hard to be motivated to use it to talk to someone who really won't give a shit.

  6. Oh sweet baby Jesus, we're so fucked. I hate the Mail and all it stands for. Hearing this about Dacre makes me want to *headdesk* until my face resembles a dropped watermelon.

  7. Fecking hell that is a totally ridonkulous state of affairs.

  8. Don't forget the PCC also states they are specifically NOT set up to rule on matters of taste and decency. Just as well then really.


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