Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Mulberry bags, Yay or Nay?

If I say Alexa, what do you say?

If I say Del Ray, What is the first thing that comes into your head?

Effie, Cecily, Eliza, BAYSWATER.

Hear that? it is the sound of a penny dropping. (I should really factor in inflation but "Hear that? That's the sound of £2.37p dropping really have the same effect does it?)

Mulberry, even the word is enough to make some people drool. And yes, I am including myself in that statement. I do not, and probably never will, own anything by Mulberry. But that doesn't mean that I cannot dream.

Part of me thinks that it is a HIDEOUS amount to spend on a handbag, especially in this day and age, but another part of me occasionally whispers in my ear, "If you own a Mulberry, then you have made it, you have earned it and you will be forever happy, and possibly lose weight" (Although this is also the voice that tells me to eat my children's Easter eggs while they are asleep, so I do tend to try to dampen down the enthusiasm of that voice just a little) 

This is the John Lewis selection of Mulberry www.johnlewis.com/mulberry (Neither John Lewis or I will be held responsible for anyone ruining their laptop with drool) I can spend hours, nay, DAYS, looking through their site wondering what bag I would choose if I could afford one. My decision also changes depending upon my mood as well. Somedays I am more an Alexa person, and other days, I quite fancy a Del ray, or possibly a Bayswater. sigh

So let me ask you this, A Mulberry bag, an investment purchase or a pipedream? Something to work towards as a reward for when you have earned it? Or a waste of money?

And if your answer is YES, a purchase should one day be on the cards, what bag would you go for?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x

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  1. Not interested. Sorry. Just not. Whispers *they're BORING*

    1. I would LOVE to be able to do it, but if I had the money, I'm not sure I could do it. I'd get to the till and hold onto my card at the last minute with the sales assistant trying to pull that out of my death grip.

    2. I got to trial a couple when I was at The Bag Lady. Wasn't that impressed with the quality. Personally, I don't think they're worth it.

  2. I am lucky enough to own two Mulberry bags, an oversized Alexa in oak and an ancient Alana in Darwin oak which I've owned for yonks. I remember when I got the Alana my friend's all thought I was bonkers. When I ponied up the cash for an Alexa they almost had me sectioned. Now? Two own Bayswaters and are clamouring after more.

    Me? I'm lemming after a Del Ray in Bright Apricot Calf/Ostrich mix... a snip at *gulp* £1800 - that's five months rent for me!

  3. I own two Mulberry bags (Darwin Oak Alana, Oversized Oak Alexa) and when I bought them my friends all thought I was mental. Now they're all slowly but surely coming over to the darkside...! The bag I can't stop looking at over on the site is the equivalent of FIVE months rent for me so that one will sadly stay a pipe dream!

  4. As much as like them I'm afraid I couldn't part with that amount of cash for a bag, the reason being I once spent over £400 on a bag that has never seen the light of day, the thrill was going into the shop and buying it but once I got it home the thrill had gone, I was also scared to use it in case it got stolen or someone accused it of being fake, said bag would then have been used as a weapon:) If someone gifted one to me I would be eternally grateful but I won't be handing my own cash over any time soon. Jude xx @jadlgw

  5. My friend and I are like this over shoes, we both long to own a pair of Louboutins. So we are opening a joint savings account and setting up a standing order for a small amount each month, then in a couple of years we can have a guilt free shopping trip to buy our dream shoes! We will have earned them and they will be worth every penny!

  6. Im with Caroline on this one, theyre boring. They're just bags.

  7. Yes! I have four now and I love them all like children (well not quite, I don't have children and aren't very fond of them!). I bought one full price (but not leather so not as eye wateringly expensive), another from Bicester saving £350, one from the mulberry Xmas sale at half the price neary and another from fashion bloodhound (preowned). They're beautiful. I've used my bayswater so much and it's still pristine practically, its in blueberry and just beautiful. I did feel guilty about the fourth purchase so I gave it to my mum on long term loan!! Xxx

  8. big pet peeve is when investment is used with the word bag. it does not yield dividends and never paces the CPI. people especially women like to rationalize but once you spend nearly a grand - game over. you might sell on ebay after you prove that it is real with a video of you purchasing it and a tax return for a couple of hundred quid.
    but if you can afford it without monthly payments then its a great bag!

  9. I have to confess, in your opening paragraph when you were asking what our thoughts were on all the names you were spouting, I didn't have the foggiest what you were on about! :-)
    As much as the bags are very pretty, I could never justify spending that much on a handbag,
    Even if I won the lottery, my 'tight' streak would physically stop me and give me a virtual slap! :-D
    If that's what people want to buy though, then that's up to them - it's their hard earned money. I just don't think I could justify it myself :-D

  10. My friend has a bayswater and whenever it is sat there draped on her arm I just think, bitch if I could commit myself to running I would totally do a grab and go on you. Other times I just think man you paid a lot for that bag, pizza gives me the same drooling satisfaction and I can get near 200 pizzas for what you paid. PRIORITIZE!

    http://thecultureidiot.blogspot.co.uk/ would greatly enjoy company in my lonely part of the internet

  11. I really don't see the appeal of them. Or designer bags in general I guess. I think they're boring designs, and I know that I get bored of using a handbag fairly quickly, regardless of how expensive they are, so I tend to stick to cheap and cheerful places like Accessorize etc for my handbags.

  12. I've been lucky enough to own two, one I won in a competition and one I purchased myself. My competition win just wasn't me at all so I sold it on eBay, because I don't dress like someone who could own a mulberry bag I was uncomfortable taking mine out in case people thought it was fake so I also sold this one. I think there are so many nicer bags on the market that I'd rather own.

  13. I like them, but couldn't justify spending that much money on a bag. I even wrote a blog post about a purple Alexa that I once stroked lovingly in John Lewis. If you want one then my advice would be either go to Bicester Village or wait for the sale...

  14. happier with my vintage satchel :)

  15. As much as I think why spend so much on a bag, I'm getting one as a graduation present. Its somethings thats made all the tears that have happened through my law degree worth it, and kind of a material sign that I did it? My mums always said if I complete law school and can cough up half the money she will put the other in, and when I wanted to give it, I kinda thought about that moment of being able to choose which one, and in what colour. Sad I know, but seeing as I hopefully graduate in July, it did work. So I think if you use it as a goal or as a long-term reward than WOO! I'm not sure on people who buy one every year, that seems an awful waste. But then that might be the inner gollum saying "I WANT A YEARLY MULBERRY"!

  16. Sorry - if I am spending that much money on a bag I would rather have Chanel!



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