Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Recipe for The Apprentice

Take 14 stone of brash city boy, 

Add in one fame hungry contestant, who swears blindly they are there for all the right reasons. 

Slowly blend in one stroppy female, 

Gently sprinkle in a cockney diamond, 

Thinly slice in one beautiful female contestant who says that she hates to be judged on her looks and then spends all her time yelling how she has been overlooked, ignored and been subjected to jealousy, because of her looks. 

To the mix, gently fold in one or two quiet characters. You may forget to add this vital ingredient, don't. They will prove an essential addition. 

Then shake vigorously for 10-12 weeks over a high heat. 

You can then reheat the same ingredients every year as needed without fear of the final results going stale. 

Congratulations, you have created The Apprentice 2013/14/15/16

Can you think of any ingredients that I have missed out on? 

(Apart from Sugar?) 

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. You forgot to add one young self professed business genius and simmer till reduced...after the hot air and steam is gone, you will be left with nothing, but the process is vital to the drama of the finished piece

    1. Love it, there's always an ingredient that gets missed.


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