Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Sharing Is Not Always Caring.

'Lucky Pennies', 'Grumpy Cats', 'If I get 1 million likes I will shave a pony' (Okay, that one may have been me) 'Inspirational Quotes and even 'Your E Cards'


Yes some of them are funny, some of them are cute, but let's face it, most of them are just damn annoying. Can you imagine being in a room with a group of friends and they all start saying the same thing to you, one after the other? Well that is pretty much how Facebook is feeling to me right now. (Apart from it feels like everyone brought a plus one to the party, I swear I don't know half the people on my Facebook anymore) (And WHO invited my mother???)

Facebook has become less friend interaction and more like shouting into the wind and hoping that someone presses LIKE.

Oh for God's sake, Facebook has turned into Twitter!!!!!!

Even George Takei can't take a shit on Facebook without people sharing it these days. 

And it is the ones that are completely pointless that get shared the most. The Lucky Penny is a prime example, I promise you now, the only person that will feel lucky the next time someone shares that penny, is their private proctologist.

It is the Facebook equivalent of a chain letter. Not only is it shoved through your door, (Internet) you are fully expected to continue the chain and pass it on, and it is annoying the hell out of me.  

Sharing is NOT always caring, and in this instance I am caring an awful lot that you are sharing this crap.

Feel free to share this post though, yes?

So what do you think?

Am I being oversensitive here? Or has Facebook become one big massive retweet of the same old recycled rubbish?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x



  1. I totally agree with you! I must admit I do share a few but not those e-cards or the "Like and share and it shows you care" type things but genuinely amusing ones.

  2. YES! I get so peed off with it all. My timeline is filled with the same pictures shared by everyone with "witty" comments under...
    Drives me battier than a belfry full of bats.

    I have shared a few I did find genuinely good/humorous. I also share comps, in the hopes that I'll win some lol

  3. That Steve what rides a bike17 April 2013 at 09:07

    Two people - one I knew, the other I had no idea about - both shared the money tree picture which if I were to share would bring me financial luck. As someone who works in finance, QED I make my own "luck", I decided their luck had run out and de-friended them.

    I hate cats.

  4. The worst are the "Like this if you hate cancer, scroll down and you want your family to die" - because me clicking like will really mean that my family don't get ill. Right.

    OH & the companies that are offering BRAND NEW iPhones because the packaging split open, just share this. Obviously they wouldn't send a £400 phone back to get reboxed instead.

    AND the pictures that say "Type 2 and see what happens" - NOTHING WILl HAPPEN. It is a JPG uploaded to Facebook!!!

  5. I'm with Steve, unfriend the lot of 'em, if you really can't unfriend (in the case of my Father and his never ending stream of crap music) I hide them from my feed.

    Facebook like life is what you make it.

    A regular Yoda I am...

  6. Yes, yes a million times yes. 90% of my news feed is shared photos, statuses and other crap from people I don't know. Hate it!

  7. Well said, this is why I hardly use facebook anymore too many b/s pictures with dumb comments plastered on them. As if adding a pucture of a cat makes them funny, I think not. I do share photographs that I think are stunning shots at times, but never any of the examples you have used.

  8. I hate it, I got rid of my personal one and I just have one with about 10 friends (people I don't know) for nail polish groups and for entering competitions. Can't be arsed with it.

  9. And if you really need to look at pictures of grumpy cats etc etc there are about a million groups you can subscribe too that are full of them! Share them there and leave my timeline alone please!

  10. My love affair (if you could ever call it that) with FB ended a looong time ago. If it's not crap like that it's the ridiculous LIKE to cure cancer pictures. FFS.

  11. Slightly oversensitive! If you don't like it, de-friend..really!

    I have only my nearest and dearest on facebook. Only people I actually know face to face, that I see on a regular basis. You do that, your online social networking experience becomes as personal as it should be.

  12. Yes...this! I have had to block a few old school freinds on my timeline as the "inspirational" quotes were getting right on my tits..and as this if you love your kids/sister/brother/auntie/uncle/cousin 2nd this if you want..more money/to see this child live/don't want cancer anymore/ chicken for dinner tonight.....fuck offffff... Jo (yes I do love myhusband/kids/freinds and no I don't want anymore cancer but don't feel the need to keep poxy telling everyone to make myself look nice ) Shafiq xxx


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