Tuesday, 23 April 2013

St George's Day-Is It A Day To Celebrate?

April 23rd marks St George's Day. Once a day when England celebrated and showed how proud we were of our country, now it is almost as if there a stigma attached to St George's Day and we shouldn't be allowed to be proud of England or being English.

Well I disagree.

For a long time, the St George's Flag and the Union Jack were hijacked by people who wanted to use it for the wrong reasons, they were adopted by the bnp, (I won't capitalise their name as quite frankly, they sicken me) and other knuckle-dragging neanderthals who brought shame to the flags and made being proud of our country a racist statement.

But then attitudes changed, last year we had The Jubilee, Euro 2012, The Olympics and The Paralympics all in quick succession and England flew flags for all the right reasons. For what seemed like a fleeting moment it was ok to be proud, it was supportive to fly the flag, and put the Great in Great Britain once more, but slowly this has tapered off again. Today is St George's Day and I haven't heard of many people planning on celebrating this day.

Ask an Irish person when St Patrick's Day is, and they will be able to tell you. A Scottish person when is St Andrew's Day, same story, and ask a Welsh person when St David's Day is, they can usually also tell you. It is a day to celebrate who you are. But in England? It seems we shouldn't celebrate or be proud at all.

Because it seems we have nothing to be proud of.


Yes we have no money, but we haven't given up fighting to get it. We possibly have no room, and yet we welcome people who need sanctuary, and some people have no hope, and yet we still do what we can to support them and each other.

Now, more than ever is a time when we should be proud of ourselves and what we have and can achieve.

I love my country, I am proud of my country and my heritage.

For me, I love the English fighting spirit, the bulldog spirit as it were. We never give up thinking that things will get better. It is a positive step.

Tell me what YOU love about England. Will you be celebrating today? Or do you think we have nothing to celebrate at the moment?

Let me know,

and a Happy St George's Day to you all.

Big Fashionista x x



  1. 23rd April is also my wedding anniversary, so I'll be celebrating that. As an English couple living in Wales, we made a bit of a thing of it at our wedding & have photos with a St George's flag in our wedding album.

  2. Although I love the idea of us Brits having the same amount of respect for the day as the Irish do for St Patrick's, it is my Dad's birthday so to me it's always been that! Congrats to Squeakymom on her wedding anniversary!

    Sophs x


  3. I'm scottish, I have to say 2012 is the first time I was proud to say I was brittish. Not for any other reason then I'm proud to be scottish. I think everyone should be proud of their country. So celebrate St Andrew, St George, St David and St Patrick and be proud of where your from!

    If the average English person needs a reason to be proud look to what we are told as things being 'very British' cos 9/10 times scots/welsh will tell you that those things are 'very English' and there's a lot of of stuff there!

    Happy St Georges day to you and yours!

  4. Fantastic post. I definitely think we should celebrate. Unfortunately I have work all day and meetings all evening so won't be able to celebrate but will make up for it tommorrow! I love that England is a place where everyone (or most people) feel safe and accepted (or at least more so than many other countries). I also love afternoon tea, holidays by the seaside in Cornwall and visits to London.

  5. I'm wearing red and white in honour of it, and the office is all decked in St George's Crosses.

    At Brownies tonight we'll be making flags in icing on biscuits.


  6. I kind of wish that it was made as much of a deal of as St Patrick's-although not necessarily the drinking to excess but that everyone knew when it was and looked forward to celebrating it. I've grown up in Scouting so I've always done something around this date (we have parades and camps to celebrate, usually) but it does make me sad that it's a much neglected holiday.

    England flags aren't just for the football fans during the infernal world cup!

  7. We still celebrate it at home and it will stay that way forever.


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