Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Update Available

I don't know about you, but I am getting pretty sick and tired of constantly seeing the words 'Update Available' flashing across my laptop and waving at me from my phone.

'A Java update is available'

Well of COURSE a Java update is available, I think that the people at good old Java are on their own search for perfection and will not REST, or stop kicking out updates, until they find it.(Which so far they HAVEN'T)  And if it isn't Java, then do not fret my small fretting child, Adobe is there to fill the update shaped hole that you currently have in your heart. (And laptop)


What is this quest  that these techies are on, anyway? Can they not perfect something in one go? Do they all sit around a table discussing what they need to do in their next release and decide, "Hey, it's not perfect, but we will sort that shit out in a week or so when we release the NEXT update" (And then LAUGH IN OUR FACES)

I ask you WHY, in the name of all things technical can they not just get it right? Just stop it with the constant updates and upgrades.

It is the same on my iPhone. Update this and update that. I don't WANT to be updating apps on a daily basis. Did you not test this thoroughly BEFORE you released it? Or even worse, you go through the rigamorole of updating, you press run and...... "YOU CHANGED THE BLOODY FONT?" or "Oh, that was blue and now it is yellow? IS THAT IT?"

Currently I have 12 updates to apps on my iPhone. None of them are interesting, not one.

'What's New'?

Well let me tell you.

- An issue that caused the app to get stuck for some users while updating.
(Could you not have tested that before releasing the PREVIOUS update?)

- Adds Ukranian language support
(To my Period Tracker. I can see that being extremely useful. What is "Shit, you are late" in Ukranian anyway)

- Bug Fixes
(May I refer you to above? No, not the Ukrainian thing)

- Other minor fixes
(Can you ALL PLEASE just get your shit together)

and my personal favourite.

- Our biggest and best update yet
(Well now you are just taking the mickey out of us. Why not just add an LOL to the end of it?)

Updates. The bane of my existence. I hate them.

Almost as much as I hate seeing the little number of updates available on my phone!!

Guess I better go and update them all.

I may be some time.

So what do you think is going through Java and Adobe's heads with their constant updates? Does it frustrate you as much as it does me?

And how many updates available do you have on your phone at this exact minute? Or are you more of a update immediately sort of person?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. It's always about perfection in a techie.

    You MUST have versions! lmao.

    It's due to the technology increasing and then someone thinking... Oh! We could of added that.. but we didn't.. oh well, lets make an update for it.

    Story of my life lol

  2. Java and Adobe (particularly Flash) are the leading causes of malware getting onto devices. Hence the constant updates to try and close the gaping security holes in these products. It's infuriating as hell as, let's face it, they should've written the products properly.

    However, I'd rather they keep trying to close the exploits than just give up. And in the meantime, can everyone please move to HTML5 and CSS3, plus python, ruby etc etc.

    Just be glad you don't have a BlackBerry Z10. It's an amazing phone, but because the OS is so new, the apps are CONSTANTLY updating.

    1. I nodded and agreed through this comment, but I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SAYING!!!


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  4. I'm waiting to wake up and see a flashing sign across my forehead saying "Update Available" and in the bit that no one ever ever reads , yeah you know the huge long bit which goes on and on and on, it will say what the update is actually for. So me being me, will update my own brain, without reading the long boring bit, then discover the update isn't compatible and my head will fall off.

    Can you tell I just finished a shift from hell?

    Oddly I LIKE updates, not that I ever read the long boring bit....


  5. I've currently have about 12 updates waiting for apps on my phone I didn't install as they came with it. I don't use any them so they can all bog off.

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  7. F*cking Microsoft F*cking Word on my Mac flashes the update message very time I launch it. Not only that, every motherf*cking time it says the update is 'critical' for safety and security. Why on Earth would they keep launching versions that are so vulnerable.

    That's why I've ditched Word in favour of Google Drive. No pissy little messages with that!

  8. It annoys me too, I have to admit. Update this, update that, NO! JUST NO DAMMIT!

    *goes to download period tracker*

    1. It is a good app. Tempted by the Ukrainian update I must admit.

  9. Yes!!! Mega frustration. Phone keeps trying to trick me into updates of the Twitter app. But partner updated and it lost on of the features I like, so I'm stubbornly on updates strike


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