Friday, 24 May 2013

Blog competitions - revisited

I had hoped that this behaviour would have stopped by now, but it is only getting worse.

 I'm talking about being approached by marketing companies, PR's SEO agencies and your neighbours nan to run a post on your site to inform your readers about a blog competition that a company is running.

 I have had three of these approached today and each one that I have asked, "And what is in this for me"? have come back to me with such an incredulous face on them, that you would think I had asked them for their firstborn child.



 Some of the replies today have included is "Blog exposure" I will gain blog exposure......

 Dude, you approached me! How much exposure do you think I need?

 I can't EAT blog exposure, or WEAR a possible increased readership.

 Another one today that made me spit my Asda Smartprice coffee everywhere (I'm poor) was this approach.

I write about the competition, as do many other blogs, and IF one of my readers wins then I get to accompany them on the day out!!!!! That's right, I get the CHANCE to win something.

 I wonder if THEY go to work each day in the hope that maybe they will win their days pay?

Of course not. Their clients want an advert for their competition? That's fine, talk to me, we can work something out.But I do wish companies would STOP seeing blogs as just a source of free advertising and then try to blow smoke up our arse when we, quite fairly I think, ask what is in it for us.

Bloggers, what do you think about companies asking you to write about THEIR competitions?

and this one is open to anyone who made it this far through the rant, Do you think there should be something in it for me to write about their competition?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. I honestly always thought that the blogger got the same prize as the winner! Blimey, how naive can I be. So you host a comp, do all the hard work etc and get a "chance" of winning something?
    That is ridiculous.

    I actually enter a lot of blog comps and now I feel bad ,cos I thought the host got something for doing it.

    Personally I think if you host a comp for a PR company you should get the same as the winner does or a money equivalent. Unless it's your own product.

    1. Some do, but it seems that more and more companies do want something for nothing these days.

      We are just seen as a link.

    2. But no blog is "just a link" . The blogs I read are well written and I can see how much time and effort are put into them.

      If they want a blog as a link they should pay to advertise on said blog, same as everyone else does.

  2. I had one the other day that responded to my "what's in it for me?" question with "you get the opportunity to share some well written content with your readers" RUDE!!!!!


      I responded with if you didn't think my content was well written in the first place you wouldn't have approached me.

    2. I wrote a massive long response and then deleted it. I can't be arsed to give idiot PR's like that the time ;)

      I have to say I'm reassured that it's not just me though x

  3. I think, if it's a competition entry, that's fine, but writing about a competition to promote it for someone else? Pah, that's rubbish! I don't blame you for being frustrated, very arrogant of them to think anyone would post that... Good for you for writing about it :)


    1. Personally I'm not a fan of those either, but that's my choice not to join in and others choice to enter if they wish. I won't judge.

      But this? Write about THEIR competition?

      That's an ad. Pure and simple.

  4. I hate when companies do this! And when they want to write a guest post advertising their company for nothing.. I certainly think their should be something in it for the blogger!

  5. I work for a media agency and we do some blogger outreach and i always make sure that what we are offering as incentives to you guys are amazing and things that i would love myself!

    It's really gutting to know that some people in the industry are making SEO and PR look bad :(

  6. I've had 50 emails from companies asking me to publish guest posts in the last fortnight.

    Now, I think this may be my fault as I ran a feature called 'A Guest Post a Day Through the Whole of May' this month and I did publish any posts that I thought were relevant to my blog but now I'm getting sick of being asked.

    I too may ask the question 'What's in it for me?' next time I get one ;)

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  7. nothing is more annoying than that!

  8. I don't understand the concept of asking a blogger to promote their competition unless the blogger is involved in it or being paid. Serves no purpose whatsoever. As for the company acting all shocked when you ask for renumeration - why would they expect you to do t for free? The mind boggles.

  9. I tell them to fuck off. :)

    Oh, okay...I don't...because I'm too nice. I just ignore the fuckers.

    Fuck 'em.

    Yeah...I feel the same as you. xx

    1. Ahh Jane, you nearly chocked me on my coffee! Haha

  10. Jaysus, some people really have the cheek of the devil. I thank every deity hardly any sod reads my blog so I don't have to put up with this shite, or else I'd be tempted to reply to them with something containing lots of expletives.

  11. The more people say no, the more likely it will be to stop.
    Here's hoping.
    Liska x

  12. I don't do these because 9 times out of 10 they approach me with something that has absolutely NOTHING to do with my blog content (men's underwear, laser eye surgery) so it's blatantly obvious they neither care, nor want to spend two seconds clicking on a link to find out, what I blog about.

    Also, sorry, I love all my readers dearly, but that "accompany a randomer on their day out" has to be the #1 weirdest incentive EVER.

  13. Haha, I have a similar post in draft waiting for me to finish it. I've taken very few comps recently as they are things I can do without and they want me to do it for free. They seem to be getting more and more creative about how they word getting bloggers to work for nothing.


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