Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Brave? Or Foolish?

Oh well done Disney. You create an amazingly strong female character like Merida, teaching young girls (and boys) that females don't have to be all about sparkly shoes and Prince Charming and then when you decide to put her into your exclusive group of 'Princesses' what do you do? You give her a sodding makeover.

I LOVED Merida, wild tumbling curls, slightly messy, here was a female character that everyone can relate to. From a child's point of view, we didn't have to aspire to be her, we were her.

Except now she is just like all the others. 

Look at the picture. They've even taken away her bow and arrow. 

What? Disney Princesses can't be armed these days? Who knew?

Disney, don't do this to Merida. Let her be the wild, headstrong, BRAVE, girl that she was.

Show little girls that we ALL have a princess inside us, no matter what we look like on the outside.

What do you think of the Merida makeover?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Oh bloody hell! They've pouted up her face, volumised her hair and made her dress lower cut, WHY?! By the looks of things, they've also nipped in her waist .and given her bigger boobs too. Because obviously, women can't be princesses or role models unless they're sexy and alluring to men in Disney's world. Totally unnecessary in my opinion, she was a fierce strong role model in and of herself, no changes necessary. It's a very poor example for girls, that they have to make themselves more conventionally pretty in order to be princesses :-(

  2. I think this absolutely sucks. I have no problem with the other princesses being princessy. But don't turn the one that isn't into one too, Merida rocked just the way she was.

  3. I loved Merida and I'm gutted that they're changing her to fit in with the other princesses. She was a princess who made mistakes and suffered the consequences, and who stood up for herself and wanted to make her own decisions. Disney shouldn't mess with her! x

  4. I MUCH prefer the imperfectly perfect original.

  5. Cancels Florida ho,I day in protest

  6. Well, as sad as this is, it doesn't exactly surprise me. It was nice to have a bit of variety for a change but I guess that's out of the window now! x

  7. There is currently a petition available on which has over 192,000 signatures as of today, I will link below for anyone interested :)

    Lets keep Merida real !!!

    Kasie x

  8. i love the change of dress the hair looks lovely but they have made her into a botox amy childs looka like

  9. I think it's a load of ol' bollocks. The film is about a young girl who refuses to bow to the pressures she's under and Disney have gone and shat all over that to make a buck. I think the new version looks rubbish. Why sexualise something which is marketed at children?! Knobs.

  10. I'm not positive, but I saw something saying that they cancelled the change after all of the public outrage about it.


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