Monday, 13 May 2013

Gun control? or PEOPLE Control?

Children shooting children. Adults shooting children. Adults shooting Adults.

This has to stop.

Before we go any further, I want to say, I am not anti-gun, I am anti-death. If people can't be trusted to not point their gun at people and then open fire, then maybe we need to stop calling for tighter gun-control and starting looking at tighter people-control.

You HAVE to have a gun? Fine, that is absolutely fine. Go through the proper channels, have respect for what is essentially something designed to kill, learn how to shoot it and then LOCK IT AWAY, so that your darling child doesn't get hold of it accidentally and shoot another one of your darling children.

THIS is gun control.

You live in a bad area in the US or another country and you want to have a gun to protect you and yours? Ok, but do you REALLY need an AK-47 or some other military-grade weaponry?

And then that always invariably leads to the argument, If you, the 'Good guy' have one gun, will the 'bad guy' get two guns? Are people just reinforcing the gun problem by BUYING MORE GUNS?

I am lucky I live in the UK where these issues are something that I can just read on the news, shake my head, be sad about for a while and then try to forget. But even a person who lives on the moon could not fail to get upset when you hear about School shootings, children accidentally firing a weapon and killing another child or, as in the case of yesterday, gunman opening fire on people at a Mother's Day Parade.

Every time something like this happens, I weep for what we have become for the love of guns. I also then weep when I hear people say, 'well, at least no-one was killed'

Has everyone become THAT used to horrific events that people can only be moved by death, and multiple deaths at that?

I hate guns, I don't understand why anyone would want to to own one, but this is MY opinion, and with everything I write here, I always welcome people who have different opinions.

SO let me know what you think about today's post.

Are you worried we as a world are getting used to shootings? Should there be tighter gun control or perhaps people control? Or do you think everyone has the right to bear arms and people like me shouldn't comment?

Please, let me know.

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  1. I get so annoyed with people in the States who see owning a gun as a right, and not just any gun, a military grade assault weapon, such as the ones the NRA has just badgered thE government into not banning. Far more fundamental than the right to bear arms is the right to life, to go to work, to school, to the shops without dying.

    Granted bad stuff is always going to happen and people are always going to hurt other people but if you look at what happened at Columbine, Newtown or even in Norway and ask, how many people could the individuals responsible killed if they were armed with a knife?

    And for the people who insist on owning a gun, it should be locked away in a gun cabinet or safe which means that unless it happens to be right next to you when someone breaks in, it's pretty useless. Are you really going to have the time to get the key/remember the combination if someone breaks in? Not really so get rid of it and move on.

    I'm absolutely, vehemently anti-gun and think that the pro-gun lobby are completely and utterly stark raving mad, especially as they have blocked the restriction of sales of assault weapons and tighter registration and background checks of individuals buying guns. Nobody, unless they live in a war zone and even then it's a bit tenuous, needs to own an Uzi but their right to bear arms is more important than the 30,000 odd lives lost in the States each year due to gun violence.

    Sorry Kellie, this is a bit of a rant but it's something that really bugs me. How many more lives have to be lost before someone does something?

  2. I agree with you but the issue is one of those deep rooted ones - for the Americans for instance the royal family is just dress up and a bit of fun but in the UK whether your like them or not - it is something that people put up with. They still rule this country. So there is a cultural issue with it. Americans won their independence with guerilla warfare that was because they all had the right to bear arms. This is deeply ingrained. Some have evolved but some still hold on to these traditional values... Don't forget that the Americans are the descendants of people who left established countries to forge a new life so they all tend to have a rebellious nature.

  3. Reminds me of a sketch Chris Rock did few years back saying that we don't need gun control, what we really need, is bullet control. Each bullet should cost $5,000, that way only folks who really deserve to get shot will do so. Let’s face it, if someone has $40,000 worth of bullets in their ass, they must have done something bad right?

    No more innocent bystanders, or drive by shootings, fathers would lock up their gun cupboards instead of leaving them next to the cereal box, and they’d put bullets in safety deposit boxes at the bank so their psycho attention seeking offspring at school can’t get too them. Maybe the shooter would even think twice? Then if they still really wanted to shoot someone, they’d have to go get a job, save up for a year or two and then buy the bullets. Let’s face it, anybody willing to save up for a couple years just to buy bullets must have a real vendetta or is a complete nut job and there’s simply no stopping folk like that.

    What you would see is a drastic reduction in gun crime over night in the US, that’s for sure.

    All joking aside, what I can say is I’m glad we ban firearms in the UK, we are far from perfect of course, there is a growing black market where they can be bought and gang culture is on the rise. However through education, social community projects in deprived areas, targeted police investigations, amnesty days, and building a better safer environment and communities where kids can see a future, we can tackle it head on in this country of which I have no doubt the government and people of UK fully support.

  4. "If the 'Good guy' have one gun, will the 'bad guy' get two guns? Are people just reinforcing the gun problem by BUYING MORE GUNS?"

    Yes - this. It's a huge reason I want our police in the Uk to remain unarmed, for us all to remain unarmed. The wild west was the wild west - I wish America could realise times change but I guess only very slowly.

    And while 'Guns don't kill people, people do' i would suggest a gun makes it a lot easier! After all knitting needles don't make jumpers, but I can't knit one without them!

  5. wait - a kitten smiles when I comment? did I steal that from you or did you steal that from me? or ..... are we so mentally attuned we both said it? spooky


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