Friday, 17 May 2013

Muggs - A Guest Post

As you know, I have a huge love for Ella from Trying My Patients f you are yet to check out her blog on the trials and tribulations of being a paramedic, (Only she will realise how much it pained me not to write ambulance driver there) then go do so, you will never regret it.

But under the uniform there is obviously a Fashionista bursting to get out. When Ella said she wanted to do a guest post for me, the last thing I expected was a post about men wearing Uggs, but you know what? As always, the lady has a point. 

Over to you Ella. 

I’m all for freedom of expression. Wear what you want, when you want. Some things i’ll raise my eyebrow at, other I won’t. Some things I will actively point and laugh at, others I will just take a mental note of. However, I draw the line at the latest craze of male Ugg boots. Or Mugg boots, call them what you will. Whatever they are, should be criminalised with immediate effect.

I’m not a fan of Ugg boots at the best of times, in my opinion they are frumpy, furry foot sacks which suck all the class out of any outfit, but on guys?! Really?! THEY LOOK RIDICULOUS! There are some people who will jump to their defence and tell me tales of old, where ripped Australian men wore them. This may well be the case but they wore them a) before outdoor slippers became ‘the thing’ and b) they wore them for reasons of practicality! When coming out of the cold sea, they were used to quickly warm up their feet! How many of these pretentious, Mugg boot wearing morons have just stepped out the sea?! I can assure you, that people don’t swim in the sea wearing skinny jeans and low V t-shirts which means, they are wearing because they are under the illusion that they look good.

The craze was started my some A listers like Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis, Leonardo Di Caprio and even Ronnie Wood *voms*. For starters, just because a 60 year old rocker is wearing them, it does not make it socially acceptable! Secondly, they were probably paid by Ugg to dress like an idiot! After the A listers, the Chelsea football team saw it and thought it was big and clever to wear the oversized carpet slippers. Once the Premier League footballers were sporting them it was only a matter of time before the ill-conceived idea trickled through the echelons of society to the common man. And you, my dear Mugg boot wearer are the by-product of this madness.

Woman have history of wearing silly shoes, it’s part of the deal with being shoe obsessed. Some crazes come and go, shoes are worn, jokes are made, but with the right walk and attitude woman can pretty much get away with anything. Men can’t. Men have sensible shoes. They don’t have to walk round to 6” heels or shapeless boots which were moulded round a lamp post and then mass produced in what appears to be ‘one style fits all’. They have walking shoes, flip flops, trainers, smart shoes, smart casual shoes, running shoes and golf shoes. If it’s muddy there are wellies. There are absolutely no circumstances where a man would need Muggs, nor should a circumstance be created or even suggested.

Why do men feel the need to make women's clothing unisex?! Seriously, deal with it, women look good in mens clothing. It’s one of our many talents. There is no vice-versa. STOP IT! It’s not cool. You look like a tit. Can men not just go back to being men, dressing manly and farting a lot. I’m all for equality but really guys, chose your battles. By all means dress well, take an interest in how you look and if you really have to buff your chest hair off then do, but please stop thinking it will EVER be acceptable to wear Ugg boots.

Love Ella x x 

What do you think? Does Ella have a point? Let us know.

Big Fashionista x x 



  1. Hahaha, well said! I can't stand them on anyone. 90% of the time I see people wearing them they're falling over in them because they're so difficult to walk in. They're the Crocs of the rich!

  2. I wear boys clothes alot though, I love Topman more than Topshop Sometimes, so i guess it works both ways!

    Kelly ||

  3. Uggs were traditionally men's footwear, for after surfing, women were quite a bit later adopting them.

    To me uggs are for housewear. I am Aussie and until recently you would never be seen outside the confines of your home and garden in uggs!


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