Monday, 20 May 2013

Pay Rise, or Taking The Rise?

MP's are in line for a pay rise of up to £20,000?

Let us all take just a second to digest that fact before we all throw up in righteous indignation.



In a time when WE are being told that we need to tighten our belts, make cuts and make sacrifices, never has it been so obvious that our MPs are so far removed from reality that they packed all their shit up, moved from reality and have not given reality a second thought since leaving. 

A survey was released in January showing that politicians think that they should be paid a lot more money for what they do............

Well excuse me, but firstly, ask anyone if they are being paid enough and the answer will always be no. Find me one person who thinks they are being paid what they are worth and I will show you someone who isn't pulling their weight and is amazed they are getting away with it. 

I think I should be paid more, (Hell, I just think I should be paid, full stop) but I also think that I would like to own a unicorn and that chocolate should be free when you are on your period, but some things I know just aren't going to happen. (Still holding out hope for the unicorn though) MP's really should just learn to sit down, shut up and carrying on praying that more people don't start saying that in all fairness they get more than enough for what they do and they should count themselves very lucky.

Is the "Poor me, I am a hungry MP" line actually working on ANYONE? Is there ONE person out there that can genuinely say that MP's deserve the vastly inflated salaries, perks and benefits that they already receive, let alone deserve a pay rise? I know people in positions where they put their lives on the line every day of the week (No, not the lady on the counter in the chocolate shop when I am on my period) and they do not earn a fraction of what an MP does, not only that but their pay has been frozen for the last few years because of cutbacks, THESE people, and others, are being told that they should be GRATEFUL they have a job at all, that they should be thankful that in these times they have a wage, how dare they even think that they deserve a pay rise.

And that is what truly sickens me, politicians thinking that they are hard-done by. Tell that to the mother struggling to feed her children, to the hard-working man who cannot give anymore to his company and yet still cannot pay his bills, to the women sacrificing having children because they cannot afford them and to all the people who cannot afford to run their vehicles. 

All in this together are we, Mr Cameron?

I truly think not.

What do you think?

Do MPs deserve a pay rise for the work that they do?

What would happen if YOU demanded a pay rise at work?

Or are MP's just being greedy and have lost touch with reality altogether?

Let me know.

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  1. MPs want to be paid more for squabbling in parliament like a bunch of pre-pubescent boys?


    The funny thing is, they will get the pay-rise. And the state of the countries affairs will not change for the better, only their lifestyle will.

    Just like taxes and travel prices going up and up each year, with no significant improvements to be seen to compensate.

  2. It's bloody outrageous. Since the 'austerity' measures people have been made homeless, demand for food banks has shot up faster than supply can be met and there has been at least one suicide related to that infernal tax.

    We're not all in this together at all. The public is being made to sort out this financial mess while a government of millionaires, many of whom who have never had a proper job (yep, it's true, google it) prior to being MPs will now probably get a pay rise.

    It makes me want to scream until someone's ear drum burst (preferably not mine)

  3. It's bloody outrageous. What about pay rises for nurses and teachers and firemen? Since the austerity measures went into action people have been made homeless, food banks have been unable to cope with demand and there has been at least one suicide linked to financial restraints of the infernal bedroom tax.

    This is proof if more was needed that we are not all in this together. The public is. MPs are not. The majority of the current government are verified millionaires who previously did not work prior to becoming MPs. And now they get a pay rise while old people have heating allowances cut and many parents skip a meal in order to feed their children.

    It makes me want to scream until someone's ear drum bursts (preferably not mine)

  4. I've been to angry to process this information! My pay has been frozen for 2 years. I work up to 80 hours a week, I do overtime on my rest days yet today marks 9 months without a car because I simply can't afford to tax it! I'm punished because its an old car!! As for salary, my basic salary as a paramedic is poor! I'm not going to moan about it or ask / expect more because there are people far worse off than me and at least I have a job. These arseholes in Westminster are so far devoid of any morals or understanding of what us 'little people' are going through, it sickens me. They get more in expenses per year than I get as a total annual salary yet they want an pay rise almost equal to that of a paramedics salary! For what?! They have not improved our economy at all, they have just damaged our quality of living. Pay rises should be in line with performance. What have they done. So bloody livid it's untrue!!! Happy Monday peeps x

  5. Same shit going on over here, our equivalent of a Prime Minister has the third highest salary in the European Union. THIRD HIGHEST. Even though the salaries bug the hell out of me, what gets me more are the expenses claimed. I think that if you are on a large salary, you should not be allowed to claim expenses. Or, if you can claim expenses, halve the salary. It's enough that they get paid for being in what's basically a modern version of an Old Boy's Club, without them being allowed claim for fuel, food, clothes, etc. They cut money or services given to children, education, hospitals, the elderly, the sick, the working classes, the people on minimum wage - and still have no shame in submitting expense sheets that make Beyoncés riders look tame by comparison. Necks like Frankie Dettori's balls, every one of them.

  6. ohh that new made me so angry!! I feel frustrated and completely abandoned by a government that doesn't care about the people...!!

  7. They're public sector employees at the end of the day and should get the same rise as anyone else in the public sector, ie so miniscule you couldn't see it with the Hubble telescope. Their food allowance should be scrapped too. Who else earning a wage expects their food bought for them? Wankstains, the lot of them.

  8. I don't agree that they need to be paid more in an economy where most people are experiencing pay freezes and/or cuts. If they want such a generous pay increase, perhaps some of their other benefits need to be reduced to help balance things out a bit. Expensing everything and a £20k pay rise? Hell no.

  9. the Government is just a massive networking group, MPs kissing corporations asses to line up lucrative boardroom jobs and big bucks speaking engagements to fill their fur lined pockets.

    The public health & wellbeing doesnt concern them at all unless it come to killing off the NHS, thereby killing off people Less people reaching retirement = less pensions to pay

  10. I'm going to fly in the face of opinion and say that £20k is a fair pay increase for MPs.

    At the moment an MPs salary is £66k. Sound a lot? To put it into context: Tube drivers earn £52k; your GP who tells you to come back in a week if your problem persists is on £120k plus weekend rates and people who fix photocopiers can earn around £50k. With their relentless workload, very long hours and the enormous responsibility which comes with the job, I'm of the opinion that MPs are underpaid.

    Back in the 80s rules were quietly changed to allow MPs to top-up their salary with generous expenses. This was during a downturn where relatively lowly-paid MPs deserved a pay rise but it would have harmed public sentiment. At the time many at Westminster voiced concerns that the "expenses" would blow up in a huge scandal, which as we all know did a couple of years ago. Now that expenses are more regulated the MPs have seen a reduction in their incomes and so quite rightly have called for an increase.

    £86k a year (less tax) isn't a huge salary.

    1. Factor in their food allowance, travel, second home expenses, what they can claim on expenses then £66K is enough

  11. I think they should definitely be paid more.


    The privilege is that you have a voice. The privilege is that you can make change.The privilege should not be the money. I bet you could find hundreds of people that would do their job [probably better] for free just to have a voice and make positive change!

  12. I think it's a fucking joke. The 'we're all in it together' bullshit makes me laugh until my ribs ache. NO, we're bloody well not.

    They're driving disabled people into suicide left right and centre with their vicious austerity measures (whilst protecting the toffee-nosed banking twats who got us into this mess in the first place) victimising people with a spare bedroom, and are trying to arse fuck the NHS sans lubricant because about half of them have 'interests' (read: shares) in private healthcare.

    The only people the majority of them are there to help are themselves. Look up what Iceland did after their bankers fucked up the country and ask 'Why don't we do the same?'

  13. I have to disagree with you and agree with Steve's point above. What they actually get paid isn't a huge amount in comparison to other (much less pressured) careers. In fact, the MPS don't get paid an awful lot above me, when all I do is fanny about trying to make people buy stuff they probably don't need.

    £66k for a life-absorbing job is not a lot. Not a lot at all. The PM is currently on £142k a year, which in context is practically what some of the Account Directors and Planners at marketing agencies are on - how can you compare running the country with helping ASDA sell more bread? The MD of British Gas last year got paid over £300k - again, how can running the country be 50% less valued than running an energy company?

    These people have a lot of responsibility and not much life outside their job. They give up a lot to take on a role like this, for very little in return. You need intelligent and considered people to do these kind of jobs; with that comes the need to pay for their abilities and knowledge. They'd all be on a LOT more money if they sacked off politics and took a new career direction, so for the state of the country we need to look after these people. It's not an easy job, a lot of them are idiots and do stupid things, but everyone is human and makes mistakes.

    If you gave them a pay rise I guarantee there would be fewer scandals like the expenses hoo-hah - they don't get paid what they should, so they go out of their way to try to make up for it in other ways. I would NEVER be an MP because the pay is just shocking. And I don't look good in a suit.

    1. "In fact, the MPS don't get paid an awful lot above me, when all I do is fanny about trying to make people buy stuff they probably don't need"

      I doubt you get paid anywhere near the amount an MP does, but a valiant attempt Hayley.

    2. Dear Anon: If your my tax man, then yes you're absolutely right.

      (If you're my mum, then mum how do you think I keep you in champagne and pink things?)

  14. While I don't even earn twenty thou, let alone stand to get it as a raise, I don't really mind. I would not be an MP for a million a year. The weight on the conscience from being one of a handful of people who impact upon the lives of millions is too much to bear, imo. Not to mention when not particularly talented people can earn 100,000 plus in the private sector, how do you attract the people who should be making these decisions, rather than megalomaniacal careerists looking for a cushy pension? To attract great policy makers, you have to compete with the big boys like pwc et Al.


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