Sunday, 19 May 2013

Say Something Nice Sunday

Exactly what the title says, it's Sunday, a typical day of rest, relaxation and for some, a day where they spend the time catching up on blog reading.

So here is my idea,

Say something nice, not about me (although, y'know, if you WANT to....)

Read a great post this week? Let me know, and feel free to add a link.

Got great customer service this week? Tell me about it.

Or even if you just want to say something nice about a friend who has supported you recently.

Let me know, and have a lovely Sunday everyone.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Our lovely followers at @SundayBakeClub are doing something nice - we're raising money for life saving cancer equipment through the medium of baking!

  2. A new day, a new chance to beat the universe!

    Lets do this, yeah?

    K x

  3. A helpful staff member in the M&S outlet in Livingston went to see if they had the tunic I liked in a larger size in the store-room (they didn't), also offered to call the other outlets nearby to see if they had it :-)

  4. I think ocado drivers are the nicest people about. They are always so nice that I wanna make em a cup of tea...great customer service and poor people have to drive around London all day but so much happier than cabbies though they make much less.

  5. I've had a crazy, crappy week. And I'm not a fan of humans of late. Steering away from the negative there. My kittens have really cheered me up this week. Coming home to see them looking up at me with their beady little eyes, purring. Bliss.

    Animals are awesome.


  6. My cousin's little girl (who's 8) said to me shyly the other day from behind a veil of youthful black eyelashes (which she'll later ruin with cheap mascara like we all do!) "You look so beautiful in your dress."

    Being seen through the un-judgemental eyes of a child is one of the greatest gifts there is. Just wanted to share! x x


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