Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Mind The Gap?

Yesterday the BBC reported on the Government floating the possibility of Tube lines being sponsored to help freeze fares.


(My first thought was, if we all threw in a tenner can we change the name of Westminster to C****tsville, but then, I'm juvenile like that.)

But it does make you wonder if this could be a goldmine for the London Underground,

There are companies out there that would sponsor a dog turd if it it sparkled. (Cadburys, anyone?)

First let's start with the big money.

The current lines,

Central Line,

Circle Line

District Line

Northern Line

Hammersmith & City Line.

They could all be renamed,

Direct Line,

Stena Line

Emirites Airline

Virgin Line

and EE Line.

Although the Virgin line won't go all the way and on the EE line you can't get a connection.

Next up we have the stations.

Sony HAVE to get in on the act with Play Station.

And then we can have James Bond St, River Island Gardens, Green Giant Park, Liverpool & Victoria St?

The opportunities are just endless.

Alliance & Leicester Square?

Russel Brand Square?

So not only can they raise some money for the London Underground, but we can have a laugh as we are all crammed into carriages like sardines, paying a fortune for our travel........ oh.

What do you think?

Who do you think would make an excellent sponsor for either a line or a station?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. How about 'Kellie's Cross'?! Very apt!


    This train terminates at 'Kellie's Bush'. Please mind the gap....

  2. Betterware road (edgware rd)

    Drinkfosters (cockfosters)

    Blanx (bank)

  3. The Northern Line could become Northern Rock......though it may collapse.

    1. Haha! Shouldn't laugh I'm with them for the house. *gulp*

  4. Hair On Broadway (tooting broadway)

  5. White City should become Multicultural City, especially as that is where the vile leftie BBC is.

  6. Chancery lane should become CHANCE? With monopoly style branding. ;)

  7. Depford bridge on the dlr could be a rather rude phrase, sponsored by durex. *hides*

  8. I fucking love you, woman! x x

  9. MorningWood Crescent, brought to you by Ann Summers.


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