Friday, 7 June 2013

Nom Or Vom

I spoke about this guy yesterday and thought it had been a while since he had been on our screens which is a criminal shame as he is delicious. 

What I'm saying here is that this Nom or Vom is for ME. I would Nom him all day long. 

Feel free to leave a Nom or Vom comment but do bear in mind that if you Vom him........

I will find you. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, this weeks Nom or Vom is.

Josh Holloway. 

So what do we think? 

Nom or Vom?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. Sigh & swoon


    Can you guess I rather like him :D

  2. Lol, for a while there he was biggest nom in the world, sexy laud back, fit and those dimples oh my lord!

    Now others have taken his place (do a Jeremy renner next :-) but josh would still get it. In fact he's just shot back up the charts thanks to lost re runs,

    Love you joshy baby!

    1. Ps I meant to say - lots of girls prefer clean shaved men - you should add in a picture of him in Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol...he is short haired and clean shaved and still looks smokin'

      shows his range and suitability to a wide range of women...

  3. Sorry but its vom from me too much stubble going on!!!

  4. Ahem.... OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM is my answer to that

  5. Vom! Canny date a man prettier than me!xo

  6. I have no idea whatsoever how anyone would say no to him. He is nom-a-licious! Yes please, yum-yum!

  7. VOM and it doesn't make sense because it should be NOM! Why! Slimy!

  8. Vom. I'd rather have sex with you. I need alcohol - but you get my point.

  9. Vom. He looks like he wouldn't want to stay in bed eating crisps and having all the sex, he'd be off doing a run while juggling protein shakes. Or something.

  10. Sweet Christ on a unicycle, yes. MY LOINS AWAIT!


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