Friday, 21 June 2013

North West? Not the best.

Yo, Kanye, I'm really happy for you, I'll let you finish, but Jason Lee has one of the best baby names of all time. One of the best baby names of all time.

(Pilot Inspektor, in case you were wondering, there is a child googling 'How to change your name by deed poll' in his sleep)

Kanye and Kim have named their child North?

I actually like the name North, it is simplistic and not too wacky, but if you add in the surname West and think it will be kinda cool, then frankly you shouldn't be in charge of naming the family puppy!

I NEVER comment on the names people call their children, I think it is a personal choice.

BUT COME ON, Kanye and Kim. Do you HATE your child already to saddle it with that name? Does Kim blame the child for the media calling her fat for the last nine months and this is her evil revenge?

Sure, Kanye and Kim, I bet right now you think it is cute to call your child North West, (Although personally if you are going for the giggles you may have wanted to consider calling it Go) but when that child is 15, she isn't going to thank you, I hated my parents for calling me Kelly! God only knows what your child is going to say about you.

I REALLY hope that Kanye & Kim are just messing with the media, I would tip my hat to them if they were. but knowing that column inches are like oxygen to Ms Kardashian, I suspect that this is the real deal.


And another thing that has surprised me is that they have ended the run of names starting with a K.

Which does please me as I think they would be running out of options and may have started looking at the name Kellie, and I really don't think that I have the energy to change my name...... again.

So what do you think?

North West?

Genius, or stupidity?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x



  1. This is why I need to get my arse on dragons den and get them to fund my "Wet Kipper" service. Whereby you can hire a cloaked person, Phantom Flan Flinger style to come and hit tits like these with a sodding wet kipper round the chops.

  2. I disagree, I think if my surname was West, and I called my daughter North (which I agree, with any other surname, is quite nice) then I'd be being rather awful, burdening a child who will eventually go to school, apply for a job, date, need to generally be taken seriously, etc etc with a name that, at best, people will laugh at. However, this is a child growing up in a completely different world to that which my children will grow up in. Sure, Kim and Kanyes child might not choose to go in to music, modelling, show business in general, but they're always going to exist within a community that places very little value on being "normal", it's a world where you can be called all sorts of odd and unusual names, and if anything, it'll work far more in your favour than being called "Sarah" ever would. This is a world where people change their surname to "Rocknroll" - not a world where they desperately change it to "Jones" in attempt to prevent any attention being drawn to their identity. In the world of celebrity babies, North West is, at the very most, quirky, but a long way from being outrageous.

  3. I think it's quite amusing. They're fame-grabbers, so calling their child this will only help them, in a way. It's a lot better than Katie Price calling her daughter Princess Tiami, no? At least the child won't go through life thinking she's a princess.

  4. What is worse, is that they are planning to call the child Nori for short.


    As in sushi nori.

    Edible Seaweed.

  5. Yeah, it just sounds a bit crap doesn't it! Nothing more to say about it! xxx

  6. Best. Freakin'. Name. Ever. (Cue the real name being announced soon...) T xo

    1. I would love it to be a fake. If I was a celeb I would mess with the media on a daily basis

  7. I love all those daft names that people end up with - I knew a lady named Rose who guessed it, a Mr Rose. A Paediatrician I knew (who was a bit of a card so I do feel I have to take this with a bit of a pinch of salt) knew a Mr.& Mrs Pipe who called their baby Dwain, like I said I am not convinced on that one but my Paediatrician friend insisted it was true. I could go on but I won't...oh okay then one more, my OH who is a teacher, taught a Holly Prickett.

  8. Least it wasn't a boy and they called him John... tuna anyone?

    In a way it's a shame the surname isn't Westerly, then they could have nicked named her Gale :D

    I'll go now... I may be back with some more terribleness at a later date

  9. I don't really care what they call their offspring. I just wish they'd never mated in the first place. They're a pair of self-publicists who probably wank each other off in front of a mirror, so they can look at themselves, not each other. Suddenly I feel the need to immerse myself in literature to reverse the brain cell loss I have received thinking about these two. Or vodka. Yes, I would like to immerse myself in vodka. Gullet first.

  10. Maybe he got her up the duff in my neck of the woods.

    "we did the deed in Manchester, lets call it North West"

  11. Pure genius right there!

    I know someone call Holly who married Mr Bush. I also know someone called Chris Mystery ( I will let you work that one out) but I drew the line at calling my daughter Honor and my son Gus... our surname is Todd...

    The sad reality is that it probably took both of them a combined total of nine whole months to come up with that corker when a Sun reporter could have come up with that in a nano second.

  12. I actually couldn't give a tiny rat's shite what they call her, the poor child will be hounded forever more for having fame-hungry camera-whore parents anyway so she may as well have a ridiculous name to go along with it. North is cute, marginally better than Paltrow's kids - named after a fruit and a biblical abandoned baby.


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