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Not so Fabulous Magazine.

Now I need to add a disclaimer here. I do NOT buy The Sun, I don't. but this morning I was in my local newsagents and The Sun Newspaper was on the side by the till and I noticed that they had separated the Fabulous Mag into two parts, one part for "him" and one for "her" Instantly my interest was piqued,  bear in mind, this is The Sun who are not exactly known for their gender equality progress.

So I bought it, (although I was tempted to buy a top shelf magazine as well to hide the paper in, but I couldn't reach)

So this is how it was split.

The male section, known as MF, it has Liam Gallagher on the cover looking all mean and moody and the splashes are,

"Beady Eye Exclusive, Liam on booze binges, reforming Oasis and why he is still a rock 'n' roll star"

'Agony and Ecstasy. 25 years of E'

'Train like a British Lion'

'20% off New Look'

The women's cover.

Danni Minogue looking like an evil version of Kylie.

The splashes are.

'Dannii Cool, She's come back fighting from the worst year of her life. Why Miss Minogue is happier going it alone'

'To breed or not to breed. Two women battle it out'

'Get Alba's Abs. No gym required'

I think we can tell where this is going can't we?

I'm surprised women are even going to have a chance to read it, what with having to cook dinner, clean and look after the kids.

Just from the covers it got my back up. In a what the FUCK, kind of way.
I'm scared to even open it. Now as the wonderful Slink Magazine pointed out, (which you can buy here,  SLINK MAG  I'm a contributor this month, by the way) You do have to have a way of generalising when making magazines but this is just so cliche that it hurts.

So I opened the mag.

And then shut it again.

Ok, I will open it again just for you.

Contents of the Mens mag

MF Sets the agenda

Cool Summer Clobber

We 'ave it with Beady Eye and Liam Gallagher

Towie's Lucy Mecklenburgh chats politics (with a topless pic of her)

Richard Bacon on the misery of Stag do's

E talking, how a drug changed Britain

Rugby Ace, George North explains his fitness regime plus we teach you how to surf

Look ace, with these grooming products

Reggie Yates talks proper tailoring

The Fathers Day gifts to add to your list

BBQ like a bloke with this lobster recipe

The best of the fests moments and win tickets to The Isle of Wight festival.

That is the genuine contents page of the men's section, WRITTEN IN THAT TONE. Do you want to know how the women's section reads?

Of course you do.

Contents of Fabulous Mag


The graph of greatness, what we rate and hate this week (Jennifer Anistons ass being one of these things)

Is being a mother a thankless burden or the best job in the world.

It happened to me, I became an astronaut

After the heartache of the last few years a happy healthy Danni Minougue tells us why she is focusing on her son and her work.

Fabulous has two pints of lager and a packet of crisps with Will Mellor.

Fashion & Beauty

Oh god this bit goes on forever and includes how to look as good as Jessica Alba in a bikini and how to be a girlie girl in lack or toughen up in leather.

and then you have the Home and Away section which contains the horoscopes, how to solve your health money and sex dilemmas and a guide to making our week fabulous. (Oh I see what you did there)

All in all I have never come across a bigger pile of sexist claptrap in my life? Why does the mag need to be sectioned off at all? Is hearing about Liam Gallagher too much for our delicate constitution? Will reading about the history of Ecstasy pollute our simple minds?

What the HELL is going on?

Is it me? Am I over-reacting? OR have Fabulous magazine overstepped the mark?

Now my greatest dilemma is to decide whether I line the cat litter tray with it, or take a crap on it myself?

Maybe I should ask a man to make that decision for me?

Let me know your thoughts. (On the magazine, not whether I should crap on it) 

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. It seems odd to me that you've held this up as though its unusual. It's seems to me that the features in the women's mag are similar to those in most female specific magazines; glamour, Cosmo, look etc etc. and the mans mag, sounds to me as though it contains much the same as a majority of most men's mags. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of magazines available to both sexes that don't cling to cliche and stereotype, but it sounds to me as though these supplements are just conforming to the social norm rather than doing something outrageous.

    1. My point is this isn't a women's or a mans mag, it's a supplement, to appeal to both, why seperate them and make them gender based?

  2. Plenty of magazines available to both sexes-remind me which ones! I can only think of the Radio Times!

  3. I'd rather read about the girl becoming an astronaut than reading about the druggie waste of space that is Liam Gallagher or the misery of stag do's!

  4. Would personally pick up Liam Gallagher on the cover rather than hear Dannii whine on about motherhood. It is gender stereotyping of the highest order but not all women are interested in hearing about how to get a bikini body or Jennifer anistons ass, lets face it these features are designed to make us feel bad about ourselves! Just have two different supplements and be done with, can't imagine a man picking up a supplement called fabulous anyway!

  5. Defo crap on it.

    Let's turn things on their heads and have women talking about drinking to excess and taking drugs....oh no, except we can't do that and be 'cool' like Liam 'Sideburns' Gallagher, no. If we do it we're ladettes, immature, a bad example to other women and should be burned at the stake. Fuck the Pope and all his minions, right up the shitbox! What a crock!

    Why not have a section in the men's bit about how to make your woman cum like a ton of bricks with some tongue-twizzling cunnilingus followed by how to make a bacon sandwich that'll keep her coming back for more (of both!)? In the women's section tell her how to strip an engine or lobby parliament to muzzle Samantha 'I married a French walrus' Brick.

    Jaysus fuck, this is all dumbed down shite to encourage us to be dim witted, servile and miserable because we don't have Jessica Alba's abs. Fer fuck's sake, because if we can't iron a shirt, pop out a few kids, make a man a decent sammich and starve to reach this male ideal of perfection we should hand in our card to the Bird Club and go and live in a field with some sheep in the Outer Hebrides. Do one!



    1. I wanna buy that mag of which you speak.

    2. I might have to make one. I'd be willing to take auditions on the cunnilingus from Josh Holloway. How I'd suffer for my art. *shines my halo*

  6. Hi Kellie, I read this with interest. Here's my view: magazines can't be everything to everyone. The editors make a judgement call on content, based on what focus groups, feedback from readers, what sells well and what doesn't. The editor's job is to shift copes - end of. They do that by producing a mag that appeals to the highest number of people in their demographic. An editor wants to keep readers happy (despite what some people think). You know all this, I know, I'm just trying to add it to the debate.
    I'm pretty sure Fabulous have done features on drug taking in the past, on hen dos, on a lot of the content in the men's section this week, and I'm guessing in this issue, the call was made to put certain content in each section. It's not sexist, it's just deciding what they think readers want to read, based on experience. And get this - we're all free thinking people and we can read the whole magazine despite what gender we are.
    Final point - people work hard on magazines. Bloody hard. Feedback is always a good thing but remember it's real people with feelings who put these mags together.

    1. The issue here though Alison is that it is a supplement, NOT a magazine. And I feel that you have taken my comments to heart with your magazine head on. Nowhere have I suggested that the people behind it are not good people. I'm sure they are, (well most of them, anyway) but this is a supplement, designed to appeal to whatever people read the paper, there is absolutely no need to separate the issues and even change the tone of the supplement for each gender. That's gender stereotyping at its worst. Fabulous is great. if they released it on it's own I would buy it. But not in this format, it's patronising as hell.

    2. You could argue that the existence of women's magazines and men's magazines (or websites for that matter) is gender stereotyping at its worst. Actually, why aren't you arguing that?! Why is it worse having these two magazines joined together and given away in a newspaper? (genuine question)

    3. I think we BOTH know I argue about the stereotyping of magazines on almost a daily basis. Don't we Alison?

    4. To be fair, saying people have feelings is pretty irrelevant! You can't be a writer, editor, etc etc publishing your work to millions of people and get upset about some fair criticism!

      Anyway, totally wearing my BigFashionista cheer leaders outfit! Spot on.....ahead!

      *does a cheer*

      *does a cartwheel*

      *falls over*

      *buys ice cream and a good magazine*

    5. ha! But why is this worth a whole blog post? I'm genuinely interested, here.

    6. That's how blogs work. Whether I write two lines on it or a 100,000 word dissertation, it's still a whole blog post.

      I suppose I could've added it below Nom or Vom..


    7. Ella Shaw, you're right. I said exactly that in my comment. Feedback is always welcome. Being told someone is going to crap on your hard work - is that fair criticism?

    8. Anyway, interesting post Kellie. I'm a regular reader, as you know. Always happy to join the conversation.

    9. I think we know that it was a metaphorical dump. I have slightly more class than that.

      Always good to debate magazines with you Alison, I look forward to next time.

  7. What a load of bollocks, I'd suggest you wipe your arse with it but I'm not entirely sure if that's one of the ways to get a bikini-ready derriere or not.

  8. I love when your comments have a good old debate! exactly what is needed, I personally like the girly sunday mag, YOU. It's has more content than fabulous mag but none the less there is also a mag designed for men that comes with it. I think just combine the best of both, would be better, not his and hers.

  9. Yeah like people have said it seems to becoming the norm, unless it's fashion than I don't see a need to section it. His and hers grooming could be together, coz lets face it when there's tits in a mag we know where people are flicking too haha. Oh god interviews with people who we just want to forget about really, both loving off the talent of their siblings coz lets face it Noel and Kylie are the talent. Really it's the whole men seem to be giving the fun side, while we are suppose to be worrying about our fat asses! I stopped buying the papers years ago, it's all crap. I'd rather buy my fashion mags and drool over things I can't afford, than those pull outs were I'm suppose to care about mothers debating motherhood or my arse or a celeb having a 'hard' time. But yes like you said it's for people who actual read the sun! Haha so I'm pretty sure the tits page was pulled out and stuck on a wall, and the rest was tossed in the bin. We can only hope. Xx

  10. Ridiculous blog. Like already mentioned the editor is trying to appeal to the majority. If that means having to separate the magazine into male and female versions then so be it. Also maybe consider the fact that if you have a picture of dani Minogue on the front of a mag with the headline above, it is a lot less likely that a guy will be seen dead reading that. It's all about image and a guy isn't going to buy a magazine with articles on beauty and make-up will they!!


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