Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Starting my weight loss journey. Less Fashionista.

Apologies if anyone in London, (Oh who am I kidding, the UK) heard me screaming this morning.

I stepped on the scales.

I don't have scales in my house as otherwise the temptation to jump on them after every time I went to the toilet would be too great, so I usually visit Boots The Chemist and use their scales, but it had been a while, I knew that my clothes were getting tighter and tighter but I had partly convinced myself that perhaps it was the clothes that were getting smaller rather than my backside getting bigger.

Well thanks to the reality check this morning in Boots I can no longer use that excuse.

Now for the GOOD NEWS. Today I start my healthy eating plan. For the next three months I am going to be reviewing a plan by Weight-away, which you can find out more about
HERE -> http://www.healthspan.co.uk/weight-away/ 

I am genuinely excited to be doing this meal plan, I'm not really one for shakes and the food supplied on the plan looks and tastes delicious.

I will be updating you all on my journey each week and I have added a tab at the top, Less Fashionista so that I can see at a glance how much weight I have lost each week.

I hope you can understand that I don't want to write my starting weight just yet, but I am hoping that it is the last time that I ever see that number again and soon I will be writing smaller numbers each week.

Same time next week for my first weigh in.

Big Fashionista x x x

Disclaimer; Food provided by PR, the hard work will be all my own.



  1. Good luck! It is one of those things that is more mentally difficult than physically so I wish you success on it!

    1. Thank you hun, definitely mentally difficult but I was ready for it. Needed to get on the diet train again.

  2. Good Luck Kellie I'm trying to lose a bit too xxx

    1. You have to let me know how you get on. xxxx

  3. Good luck. I have to say I'm not convinced that these ready meal plans are viable so I'll watch your results with interest. I think the only way to really make a change that will last for the rest of your life is to learn how to eat properly with everyday foods. I've done this with Slimming World and have lost 6st 4lb so far. I never realised how badly I was eating until I joined, and I've never eaten so much in my life! And no, I don't work for them! I'm just a satisfied customer.

    1. Today has been great.

      Oatmeal for breakfast, a chunky vegetable soup for lunch and a vegetable chilli for dinner. With each of them I've added fresh salad or vegetables to make it into a real meal so don't feel as if I'm missing out at all.

  4. Looking forward to seeing how you get on - the food looks pretty tasty! While I agree with Claire Manwani in theory (having had success on WW before), the reality is most of us are intelligent enough to know what we SHOULD be eating, but sometimes need the choice and structure sorted for us to start with to get back on the healthy wagon.

    I'm joining you as soon as I get back from honeymoon at the end of June. The honeymoon cruise with an unlimited buffet. I think I might scream when I jump on the scales too....

    1. The food today has been delicious. I've eaten better than I have done in months. Very convenient as well, which does help.


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