Monday, 24 June 2013

Teenage me.

Over the weekend I found some pictures of myself as a teenager. It's kind of hard as a 37 year old woman with a daughter who is about to hit her own teenage years to see pictures of herself when she was that age. 

Age 16

Age 19

Was I nostalgic for those times? A little, however I think that I am a much better and happier person now than I was at 16. (Although if I could have the waist and boobs I had at 16, that would be great, thanks) Being a teenager is hard and although I want to try to avoid turning this into one of those "A letter to my 16yr old self" posts, I wish I could grab that teenage me and just say, "ENJOY it, live it, worry less about what others think of you and just cherish what you have. (A tiny waist and a great rack amongst other things) 

I am at a point in my life where I am happy, content and confident in what I have and what I want. 

16yr old me, it will be ok in the end..

Because in life, f it's not ok, it's not the end. 

How about you? What do you think when you see old pictures of yourself? What would you tell your 16yr old self? 

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I honestly did not know you are 37, you look fantastic - I thought you were 29 - or 30 oldest! You look lovely at 16 and 19 too! I think if I could tell my 16 year old self something, it would be to 'man up' a bit! I used to take things to heart (and still do) and let them affect me to the point they'd eat into my day and ruin things entirely! I love being nostalgic and looking at old pictures, but it's very easy to forget the memories that lay behind a picture if that makes any sense ha ha!

    Anyway, sorry about my waffling comment! I'm normally a lazy blog reader and never comment, although I'm on your blog daily!

    Scarlett x

  2. ahh I love looking back at old photos, no way was that 20 odd years ago (also never realised you're 37- looking gooooood may I add!) I'm 17 but I know I haven't made the most of being a teenager, hated school, hated my 'friends' etc. Since starting sixth form I have a completely new group of friends and that combined with YouTube/my blog/working has brought me out of my shell loads. I used to hate social things and would never strike up a conversation but now I find myself doing it all the time- get some weird looks but hey ho! If I was about to turn 13 again I'd tell myself to just not care what others think, if I want to do something just do it and you're not getting judged for literally every step you take! I'm trying more to live by that more and to yolo it- hahaa yup I just said that, oh the shame!! That was really rambled and probably didn't make any sense but oh well!xx

  3. Shut the front door!!!! You are never 37. Never!

  4. It's really sad to see kid's stress and not enjoy their school life, it was the best time of my life so far for me (I'm 23, okay I've not experienced much, but still...) and I hate it when people are constantly wishing away their lives. Always wanting to be older and older, then as soon as you hit a certain age (it's different for everyone, for me it was my 22nd birthday) I felt like I was an adult who should have an adult job and should lead an adult lifestyle. I don't want any day to be over with quick (okay maybe some days) but I take nothing for granted and cherish every moment! Sorry for getting sentimental haha! Charlotte xxx


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