Monday, 10 June 2013

The Difference between Children and Adults.

When you are a child, you walk around saying, "See this top? Fifty quid it cost me. Yeah that's right, FIFTY quid'

An adult walks around saying, "See this top? A fiver! A fiver!! Bargain or what"!!!!

When you are a child your ultimate goal is to stay up late, the later the better.

As an adult, the thought of being able to go to bed at 7pm fills you with such excitement, you need a lie down.

As a child, you don't want to wear your coat. Coats are for wusses, no-one wears a coat, especially in the playground.

As an adult, you eye up those ski suits that toddlers wear with envy and wish it was socially acceptable to wear them at all times.

When are a child and the phone rings, you instantly assume it is for you and race to the phone elbowing everyone out of the way in the race to answer YOUR call.

As an adult, there is nothing as blissful as ignoring letting a call to go answer phone.

It is a similar situation with post, as a child you look out for the postman and can see him coming a mile away and will mug him on the doorstep for mail, (Ok, children and beauty bloggers) 

As an adult, you walk past the mail on the mat, assume it is just bills and leave it where it is for hours.

Can you think of anymore?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. Great post! As a child the supermarket is a place of wonder - it's where toys and treats live. As an adult you have to dodge trolley rammers, cleavage oglers and make your money more elastic than Katie Price's under garments.

    1. Not sure the analogy to Katie Price's undergarments holds up - Rather like her undergarments!

    2. I didn't know Katie Price wore underwear! O_O

    3. HAHAHA! Good points, both of you. :)

  2. Wow these are some great insights. I will now spend the day seeing if I can think of any more. If I do, I'll be back again to comment.

    Great post.

    Liska x

  3. As a child you are forever thinking that life is unfair.

    As an adult.....oh wait.....yep, I still think that!

  4. As a child you'll happily wolf down half your dinner then leg it off to continue playing or watching telly - as an adult you'd nearly lick the plate. I said NEARLY.

  5. Child you think chocolate bars are the perfect breakfast. As an adult you think "cake has flour, maybe it's wholegrain flour, oh marvelous this fruit cake IS a balanced breekie" ;-P

  6. As a child Sunday mornings are for silly kids telly followed by playing in the park. As an adult Sunday mornings = bacon.

    I think I might have a bacon problem...

  7. Love this post - so true!! will have to have a think to see what others there are :)

  8. Only one gets you a knock on the door from Operation Yewtree detectives.

  9. Ok, a nerdy one comes to mind,as a child I hated being made to do reading homework, as an adult I read everything, fact, fiction, magazines, cereal packets.......


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