Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Week 3 weigh-in with Weight-Away

Phew. Well that's been a long week. After staying the same last week after going away I was determined to get straight back to it with the healthy eating. I stocked up on fresh fruit and vegetables to go with my Weight-away meals and apart from a small indiscretion with a jar of Ikea Chocolate spread that screamed until I stopped it screaming permanently. (Small tip, put a dollop on a plate and then freeze it, I gnawed at that spread like a rat in a trap chewing it's own leg off) I upped my water intake as well this week (No kettle, means less coffee) and the one thing I have definitely noticed is an increase in energy levels, which means I have started to consider exercise. (Baby steps) 

So how have I done this week? 

I LOST 4lbs. 

What with losing 7lb in the first week and staying the same last week due to holiday, this means that I have now lost 11lb in 3 weeks. 

When I first agreed to review this diet on my blog for 3 months I was excited but I never thought I would see an 11lb loss in three weeks. I'm interested to see how far I can take this in the three months I review it. 

So far I have lost 1 inch off my bust, 3.5 inches off my waist and a inch off my hips, as well as 2 inches off my thigh! 

In the short term I would love to lose 3lb next week to make a stone in a month but any loss is still great. 

I'm still loving the meals. Granola is my favourite breakfast and Tomato and Basil soup for lunch and you can't beat the Vegetable Chilli for dinner with a HUGE side salad. 

What do you think of my weight loss so far? 

Let me know. 

Big Fashionista x x 


  1. Amazing and so envious! I am off to a spa place to help kick start my health plan...but water is key! Can't wait for you to model your new outfits you will buy when everything falls off you :)

  2. Well done you!! Keep it up x

  3. Ohh I need to start a diet, are you following a plan? Xx Jen xx

    1. I'm doing Weight-away. It's been really great so far.

  4. Well done! 11lbs in 3 weeks is great. It's a healthy and responsible rate to lose it too, meaning your more likely to keep it off for good. So keep up the great work Hun x

    1. Thanks Hun. I'm really pleased. Gives me a bit of a boost

  5. well done Kelly x I stuck this week but it happens your doing so well x and I'm so impressed with your chocolate spread restraint ;)

  6. Well done, you're kicking serious ass x

  7. Wooohooooo! I love reading people's weightloss journeys it really spurs me on! Well done love :)

  8. Well done!! You're doing so amazing :) And no cake ;) (my twitter handle is @charllucy haha). KEEP IT UP :) Charlotte xxx


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