Thursday, 13 June 2013

When Bad Photoshop Happens To Good People.

What the HELL has happened to Beyonce's legs? They aren't going to be able to hold her arse up are they? In fact I am concerned that she has been dipped in photoshop SO many times that she may drown. 

Why do companies INSIST on photoshopping people to this extent? People know that Beyonce has a figure to die for, why have her in a Cavelli dress and then photoshop her legs practically out of existence? What does that achieve? It certainly doesn't look realistic at all and this wouldn't make me desire a Cavelli dress at all. 

In fact, this level of photoshop is pure deceit and puts me off even more. 

What you think. 

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I saw this yesterday, and I have to say I think it might be deliberately stylised like that?? Like I don't think whoever committed this photoshop fuckery did so in the belief that this looks real and believable.

    EVEN SO, that is no fucking excuse. Her body is CLEARLY too bootylicious for Cavalli.

  2. Are they actually joking?!!!! WTF has happened to B?!

  3. I researched into this and found out it's actually a sketch done by Cavalli when he was designing the gown.

    Emma x

  4. Yes it's a stylised sketch. x

  5. LOL. this is so fucked up. it looks like a bad doll version.
    why do these comapnies think ppl will fall for shit like this. hahahah

  6. I'm loving Debenhams right now 'We have a moral obligation to ban the airbrush' They've banned all airbrushing to their lingerie pics, hopefully they will broaden this to include all other areas like face creams, makeup and clothing :-))

  7. the top half is photoshopped from her dangerously in love album cover the rest is actually an illustration.


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