Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A Guest post From Pippa Middleton

Ok, so it isn't really a guest post from Pippa Middleton, but I'm sure if she wasn't really busy doing..... doing...... doing...... um, stuff, then she would be all over this idea like a 4 page spread in OK magazine. 

So over to Pippa.

Dear Katey-Waitey, 

Guess that's pretty much been your whole life hasn't it? First you wait for your Prince to come, and now he's cum you are waiting to drop your sprog. So here is my advice for you. 

Firstly, you are having a baby, this is going to give me an excellent IN with any baby mags that are currently looking for someone to impart pearls of wisdom, "Auntie Pippa's Popping Pieces" has such a ring to it, I feel. 

I have heard that labour is painful, you may want to take a nurofen or something, go and lie down. Just please, please be aware that there will also be a mess so wear something that you weren't thinking of letting me borrow. Thanks.

Also Mummy and Daddy are currently setting up a new arm to the party planning business which is going to be baby showers, they are putting me in charge, I'm off to B&Q later to see if I can find some, they are turning out hard to track down.

Babies cry, I have heard this and when they cry, you need to stop them, Wimbledon doesn't like it when babies stop play. 

Babies like to be awake at night I also hear, so hire some nannies that won't be yawning all day. Catching someone's yawn when you didn't even feel tired is just so exhausting. 

You may also find it hard to lose the weight afterwards, but please Katie, don't worry about that, not at this time. I will be more than happy to step in on your behalf for anything you may need to do. This fine arse is more than happy to be papped.

So there you have it, you are having a baby. The future King or Queen of this country. For God's sake, don't drop it.


So what do you think, can you think of anymore advice from Pippa to Kate?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x



  1. Hilarious - exactly the kind of thing Pippa would say! I secretly can't stand her.

  2. The B&Q one made me spit my coffee over my laptop - thanks! :')

  3. Love it and yes I can just imagine Pippa saying all of that! x

  4. I laughed from start to finish! Pippa forgot the part about not having to pay anything for this baby, because of course us common folk will foot the bill. Clearly that's all the poor are for, keeping them rich ;P
    I'm just gutted no unicorn, and no day off. This baby has already let me down xx


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