Thursday, 25 July 2013

A Right Royal Issue

Ok Magazine, Oh Ok Magazine, what WERE you thinking?

The last time I saw a cover quite as bad as this, I was watching Taylor Swift murder - Pour Some Sugar On Me.

For the love of God, this came out a DAY after she squeezed the future King from her vagina and the most important thing on OK Magazine's tiny little minds is how quickly her stomach will shrivel straight back?

Newsflash OK Magazine, my youngest is 7 and my stomach is NEVER going to shrivel back.

Twitter quite rightly exploded in indignation and anger at the cover. The quite wonderful Katy Hill was at the helm in the fightback against this sort of Daily Mail trash and it does seem to have worked as OK magazine have apologised.

Be it in a painstakingly cringy way that made my stomach want to contract and pour vomit from my throat.

"Kate is one of the great beauties of our age and OK! readers love her.
"Like the rest of the world, we were very moved by her radiance as she and William introduced the Prince of Cambridge to the world.
"We would not dream of being critical of her appearance.
"If that was misunderstood because of our cover it was not intended."

Excuse me while I vomit again.

Moved by her radiance?

We would not dream of being critical of her appearance?

What happened to this now deleted tweet that was screen grabbed by @toptableplanner 

Sorry OK Magazine, but like your latest edition, I ain't buying it.

What do you think about OK Magazine and their cover?

Let me know. 

Big Fashionista x x 



  1. OK! Magazine are just rude,pure and simple. They lack manners and really should have thought their front cover and horrendous tweet through a bit more.

    Not everyone in the world can give birth and the following day pour themselves back into their pre pregnancy jeans. I know I never did, in fact my youngest will be 16 in October and I still haven't managed it...

  2. Wow thats major bull im not one whos super excited....its a baby? haha

    but i think they went too far you dont say that to someone who has just given birth

    1. I agree. I expected a rag to pull that trick but the day after she's given birth? A new low.

  3. I weighed less when I left the hospital than I did at my booking in appointment at 8 weeks, but it still took a good month before I could get into my jeans. They need to leave her alone to enjoy her baby & let her stitches heal!

  4. Bullying much? Im disgusted now. And im sure the person behind this article must be one of those

  5. This is exactly the type of media trash that we can all live without.

    The only way to stop it is for everyone to stop buying it.

    1. Even the apology just served to make it worse on my eyes

  6. I was appaulled but not the least bit surprised when I saw this. Especially after that stupid women on the news asked "why does she still have a bump" the night she came out of hospital!!

  7. Depressing thing is that thousands will still lap it up brainlessly.

    Surprised they haven't offered Anna Botting a guest column...

  8. I do truly believe that this is why bloggers and open social media SHOULD exist. Our press has gone to the dogs. Leaving a smell of shit in it's wake. Press that once was at the height of it's game is now grasping for circulation figures. It disgusts me.
    Their apology (so called) is laughable at best, incredibly insulting to not only Kate but the public at worst.

  9. I was horrified at the cover too but their tweet is even more shocking. I was elated at Kate's lack of attempt to hide her tummy - so damn refreshing when most slebs cover it like something to be ashamed of! She proved that you can look natural AND beautiful!

  10. The sooner people stop buying these bullshit magazines, the better. It's exactly the kind of crap people like myself can live without. And even worse, is shit like this makes women bitch against EACH OTHER, what with the whole "oh stop your whining, look my stomach shrunk back immediately, it's not our fault you can't deal with being fat" vs "I refuse to eat ever again, oh hai bulimia/anorexia/other mental/physical health disorder, how are you today?"

    I've never read OK! Magazine, and after this utter gobshite, it's safe to say I never bloody will. URGH.

  11. Oh ranting woman I salute you - I too have ranted, pardon me for adding the link to my rant here. OK! are fools, but I was not surprised.

    Pregnancy, Royals, Celebrities and bumps

  12. I have but one word: FUCKERS

  13. The twitter comment I am sure was when the door opened and we thought it was Kate and about 8 people walked out.. I am sure the tweet came at that time as I saw it while watching - think it was just a joke?

    However... the front page is an absolute disgrace!!!

  14. Anonymous, no, they are saying that as she was cradling her bump, which post-birth they clearly can't relate to, whereas the majority of us CAN!

    I will not ever touch that magazine again.

    Liska x

  15. I have to admit, I am more shocked by the fact they are claiming they would never say anything negative about her, than the original comment!

    I'm genuinely sick and tired of the media, not just in the UK but all over the World, using their platforms as a way to spread gossip, hatred and put pressure on people. I am disgusted by the behaviour of the OK! team and I hope whoever sent that tweet has been disciplined.

  16. I knew there was a reason I didn't waste my money on this (or any other) mag...

  17. I do like Kate, I did watch the wedding highlights, I did go "ahh" when I saw the baby. Apart from that, I couldn't give a flying fuck if she gave birth to seventeen hairless puppies, one of my favourite moments of the whole lot was that insufferable wagon Kay Burley trying to react to the man on the street that said the baby was black.

    I don't know if there's some kind of protocol that means you HAVE to look perfect less than 24 hours after pushing a baby out of you, but I groaned when I saw her coming out of the hospital in her heels, posh frock and hair & makeup done. I really, really wish she'd been in plain clothes, hair tied back, and REAL. I know that's probably something that's "not allowed" but I wish she'd done it anyway.

    As for OK and all those other shite waiting room magazines - I wouldn't wipe my arse with them, and I buy Tesco Value Toilet Roll.

  18. I'm effervescent with rage. I wouldn't even wipe my arse on a copy of OK after this. Whoever thought this is a good idea is a buffoon. I won't be surprised if this badly affects their circulation. How sad. ;)

  19. i never saw that tweet until i read this...and i can't actually believe someone typed that loads of bollocks?! seriously!! they should hang their heads in shame!

  20. I didn't see the tweet but I heard about it, it was absolutely disgraceful. Sadly I think it shows the world we now live in, society needs to change.


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