Monday, 8 July 2013

Blog Awards Bingo

Eyes down ladies and gents, we have reached that time of year once more when bloggers turn on each other like a pack of hungry wolverines (not Hugh Jackman type wolverines may I add) 

The only other time I see bloggers get this upset is when they have missed out on a Zara sample sale, or worse, bought something and Instagram is down. (seriously, what WAS the point in buying it if you can't make others jealous)

So, putting the fun in disfunction and all that, it is time for 


The rules are simple.

Everytime you see one of the comments below, you check it off. Once you get a full house you are a winner and you get a sparkly cupcake. (Bloggers love that shit)

Eyes down for a full house, and away we go.

'I haven't even heard of any of these bloggers'

'Is anyone actually interested in blog awards anymore'

'It's not fair that they have been nominated'

'Didn't we just have blog awards last month?"

'Vote for me, vote for me, vote for meeeeeeeeeeeee'

'I'm not being funny right? But  why is SHE nominated, she doesn't even blog that often'

'Are the blog awards over yet'

'They have cheated'

'But seriously, who are these bloggers?'

Don't forget to let me know when you have ticked them all off.......

Because YOU WILL.

And if you can think of any that I have missed out, add them in the comments.

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. Can I tick them all off based on past years?

    1. Nope, it's a new card. Or I would have eaten the cupcake a LONG time ago. :-D

  2. Girls of a certain age or under + competitive community = backstabbing and bitching

    It's like the sixth form common room all over again. Wow - I don't know how they have the energy for it all. If some of them devoted as much time to answering back some of their readers comments they'd have a much better blog.

    Not our Kellie tho - mature, selfless, engaging. xx

    lol ;-)

    Simply Woman Magazine

  3. I believe you missed, 'but she's been blogging less than a year' and my personal favourite 'oh do fuck off with your blog award pimping'.

  4. How about "It's all just a popularity contest. Doesn't matter if the blog's shit as long as they've got lots of friends"

  5. lol! I said it yesterday and I'll say it again, big fashionista saying it as it is since 2010!! when are the nominees actually announced? x

    1. Today apparently! Shuts down the Internet for next three months.

  6. hahaha. This is so very true, I always wonder if there's some sort of filter you can switch off on twitter so you don't have to play blog award bingo.

  7. Oh I do love your posts aha! I'm indifferent to them now. I'm so happy to see some very happy people on my Twitter, some of the blogs nominated are some I follow and adore, they deserve the recognition for their hard work. But for some of the categories, I definitely checked some of these! (I should expand my reading material!) xo

  8. "I wish ppl read my blog that often; she blogs shit things half the time!" LOL LOL

  9. Day one and I've already ticked most of them off, kill me now.

    1. No cupcake for you until you tick them all off.

  10. what what? did i get nominated? I'm confused, hot and now not getting an award? *cries* go read my blog nominate me, give me cake, did i win yet? *melts*

    I haven't even heard of YOU!



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