Monday, 8 July 2013

Double (Hot) Trouble

Out of everything that has happened this weekend, I'm going to have to admit that seeing Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler taking selfies at Wimbledon was probably not in my top ten list of thing that I expected to see happen, probably because it is on my fantasy bucket list and I never expected to see that much awesomeness gathered together in one place. (Oh and Andy Murray won too I hear, congrats and all that) 

Bradley Cooper is hot, Gerard Butler is hot, put them both together and in the cutest ever matching blue suits and if you can find me a women for whom the words, 'ménage a trois' didn't cross her mind once then I will show you a woman who can't speak French. 

Ooooooh, la la.

Although I also hear that Wayne Rooney was there too in a pale blue suit as well?

Oi, Rooney, stop it, you are getting bleurgh all over my fantasy. 

Did ANYONE expect to see them both together at Wimbledon? It's just a delicious combination isn't it? Like Strawberries and cream we have been treated this Wimbledon to Cooper and Butler. 

And I for one am a happy bunny about that. 

My next request for double trouble would have to be The Rock, Dwayne Johnson and Ami James, sitting together taking selfies at a Chelsea game. (No 3 on the fantasy list) 

So who would YOU like to see together taking selfies of themselves for your eyes only? 

Let me know. 

And PS, anyone know if that selfie has turned up online anywhere? I need a new screensaver and I'm thinking that picture would be perfect. 

Let me know. 

Big Fashionista x x 



  1. I saw them and i squealed.. They looked like bros... I love them both . Hhahha
    Menage-a-trois indeed ;))

  2. I'm so glad Ami James crops up on your fantasy list, I thought it might just be me. Has he made Nom or Vom yet?

  3. They looked like they were having so much fun. Saw the picture but didn't watch the tennis. I don't GET ball sports. I tried once.... ;)

  4. Ah bless...may darling countryma Butler...what a hunk of deliciousness he is! Bradley wouldn't get kicked out of bed for farting either.

    Taking selfies lol - I didn't see them do that actually...the tennis (from my OTHER countryman) was riveting! Glad there was some eye candy since my top tennis player Federer didn't appear in the final sadly.

    Simply Woman Magazine

  5. LOL like you they just stopped me in my tracks! I LOVE Gerard Butler......... I mean I REALLY LOVE Gerard as far as my fantasy goes............been completed! LOL I soooo wish I had won the lottery and managed to get myself a ticket there. And as for the Murray Master...........he's a legend :) Great day all round

  6. I may have got a bit too over excited, but seriously two of the sexiest actors on the planet? I was cross when the camera's moved away! As if watching Andy Murray was in some way more important? ;)

  7. That's a sandwich I would happily be the filling for.


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