Monday, 8 July 2013

How to find a husband - According to Boris.

Oh Boris. Boris, Boris, Boris.

You are a breath of fresh air.... and when I say breath of fresh air, I of course mean, obnoxious misogynistic cunt.

Boris has once again opened his mouth and let his true feelings fall out, like bile from the mouth of a teenager after a litre of White Lightning, and quite frankly it stinks just as badly.

What has caused my outburst? (apart from the fact that it is Monday and my bunions are playing up) 

Boris was speaking at the launch of the Islamic Economic forum along with the Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak and when Mr Razak told reporters "Before coming here, my officials have told me that the latest university intake in Malaysia, a Muslim country, 68 percent will be women entering our universities' instead of Boris praising this figure he instead said.

"They've got to find men to marry"

Oh Boris, how we laughed. Except we didn't. No-one is laughing with you Boris, they aren't even laughing at you anymore.

This isn't a whoopsy moment, this is a huge deal. The Mayor of London thinks that women only enter University to get married? Is that where I went wrong? I'm 37 years old, I didn't go to University and I have no husband.


Do I actually give a fuck?

I've said before that Boris Johnson is a very dangerous man, to me, this just proves it. he isn't a bumbling fool. He is a twat.

Who knows how he will slither out of this one? Will it be a "I was misquoted" "Or will he be unapologetic and say it was a joke?

I am interested in how this one turns out.

What do you think about Boris's comments?

Just a joke or slightly more sinister?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x



  1. He's a dozy wankstain. I think these toffs are on another planet to us.

  2. I don't think anyone particularly values his opinion or takes it that seriously to be honest! It used to be charmingly foolish, now it's just painfully ridiculous xx

  3. From one failure to another, congratulations! Let's go have a drink!

  4. He is just a laughing stock. God forbid anyone actually agrees with the bumbling fool!


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