Thursday, 11 July 2013

Pay rises for MPs. Yay or Nay?

"All in this together" are we, Dave? 

"Austerity measures will affect us all" will it, Dave? 

I beg to differ. 

I could give you a huge (probably quite humorous) speech about MP pay rises and why I think they are wrong. But instead I want to turn it over to you guys.

How do YOU feel about MP pay rises? 

Were you given a pay rise this year? 

If MPs are given a pay rise, do you think they should accept it?

Let me know.

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  1. The thing is they make money from consulting gigs and have many privileges. Also we are in a time of cutbacks so this just doesn't make sense at all and can't believe DC is stupid enough for even considering it...

  2. Apparently (or it may be I can't listen to the news properly) they won't be given a choice about the pay rise as it was deemed to be given by the independent something or other. So £74,000 in 2015 - why??? I have no idea why they would need that much money- what do they actually do for it!!


  3. My understanding is that IPSA are recommending a £7000 payrise and they don't have to accept it however they have been no-committal about whether they will or won't take it. They shouldn't do it. I am a civil servant, contrary to watch the press in particular the Daily Fail says I'm not on huge bonuses, spending money on credit cards or lazy. I've been on a pay freeze for other five years, we been subject to a large amount of staffing cuts across the civil service and work the equivalent of two peoples jobs and live under the constant threat and worry of further job cuts. I feel that the average working person is struggling to survive and exist with increasing bills, job loss and pay freezes. For MPS to accept this payrise while the people they 'serve' are living like this is really unacceptable. Sorry if this seems like a rant xx


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