Monday, 29 July 2013

Stop shouting, start listening.

In case you haven't noticed, there are people out there on the Internet currently trying to ignite a battle of the sexes of epic proportion. Over the last few days it has become such a huge topic that it seems that people are standing on the battle ground, weapons drawn, thinking. "How the FUCK did we get here?" 

All men hate all women.

All women hate all men.

Every man is an abusive rapist.

All women belong in the kitchen.


Abuse is wrong, rape threats are wrong, but it isn't all men, and it isn't all women. 

It's a small minority... Thank GOD. 

But it saddens me, this war. Everyone is shouting over each other and no-one is listening to each other.

This won't be solved by who can SHOUT the loudest.

But maybe it can be solved by the people who listen the hardest. 

What do you think? 

Let me know. 

Big Fashionista x x 



  1. Dam right Mate! Too many people like to be biased or pick a side when there is no side. It'll all blow over when those dickheads get bored and start chatting shit elsewhere.

    Or the aliens will attack and we'll all die without resolving the issue!

    Just saying x

    1. I still think that zombies will get us all in the end.

  2. Talk about letting the side down. There are women out there being threatened with rape and your taking the side of the abusers.

    You are no better than them.

    1. I think you have the wrong idea there Anon. The point is she's on about how it's a very few, not all.

      I think you should go back to reading the post and getting it right. She's not taking sides, just pointing that things need to be sorted out so everything can return to normal.

    2. Go back, read again, apologise, move on.

      I published this because it kind of proves my point. You read what you wanted to read and missed the important parts.

  3. twitter is just a really horrible place right now

  4. I don't hate anyone. I'm the type of person that talks to clouds, hugs tree's and apologises to lampposts when I invariably walk into them.

    I do dislike people that honestly don't listen/read, they take a few key words and blow it all up out of proportion to try and keep the bandwagon of hate rolling. It's pointless.

    No one should have to suffer from threats of any kind for any reason. Be it man, woman, alien, small green thing that I found in the garden earlier (looked like an alien, I should have taken a pic really).

    If everyone sat back and looked at some of the tweets they have been sending to people they have never met, are never likely to meet, in the heat of the moment. I'm hoping there will be regret and remorse.

    Maybe I'm just too fluffy hearted, but I'd like to feel that humans can get along, can have differing opinions without having to resort to violent threats (of any sort) to "get their point across"

    One love <3

    As far as I'm concerned NO ONE should have to put up with abuse. Not all men are wannabee rapists, same as not all women are stay at home mums, whose highpoint of the day is making their man dinner.

  5. It's not a war but it's an ongoing battle that only the police can really solve. The rape threats are disgusting but the vile vehement threats of sexual assault are also horrific. And as someone who had been sexually abused and assaulted twitter no longer feels like a safe space :-(


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