Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Converse From Size

Ok, listen up chaps and chappettes who lurve their Converse, this one is for you.

Everyone in my family wears Converse, all the way down to the 7yr old, so when I was asked to write about a site that sells mens shoes called Size, I was more than happy to check them out. When I found out that they sold Converse........

Put it this way,

I know what my son is getting for Christmas now.

I'm thinking these ones,

Just don't tell him, ok?

They do plenty of brands from Franklin & Marshall to Adidas Originals and Superga so go and check them out.

Obviously my favourite are the Converse Trainers,

But what are yours?

Go check them out at www.size.co.uk

Big Fashionista x x

*sponsored post*

** Oh don't look like that, I have bills to pay.**

1 comment

  1. I LOVE converse! So does Idiot Son :D

    I shall have a mosey along and see what I can get him for his birthday :D


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