Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Dear East Coast Trains.

Dear East Coast trains,

My sincere apologies if this letter overheats, (a bit like your carriages it seems) but currently I am on one of your trains, travelling from Leeds to Kings Cross, wondering exactly how much weight I will lose on this 2 hour and 16 minute journey in carriage F as the aircon isn't working, AGAIN. 

I assume that F stands for "Fucking broken" as every time I have travelled on the train between Leeds and Kings Cross I have either been stuck in carriage F, or hearing over the tannoy that the aircon in carriage F is once again broken and the carriage is overheating. 

Perhaps it would be easier if you just announced when the aircon WAS working, as I'm sure you would save yourselves some time and effort, after all, IT'S BLOODY HOT IN HERE. 

I don't even think you are allowed to transport animals across the country at the temperature I am currently experiencing on your service. Perhaps you could offer a hosing down at Kings Cross? I think my deodorant reached it's maximum limit about an hour ago.


"I'm bloody definite"

"Why don't you move?" I hear you ask.

Because not only is it me on this journey into the fires of hell,  I have three children with me, and all the assorted luggage and electricals for the journey to keep the aforementioned children quiet on the journey. Everyone has taken up the other seats together and I cannot have my children spread out across carriages. 

And also, it should be noted that if you are lucky enough to be in a carriage where the aircon is working, you can bet your fine arse that the plug sockets are not working. 

You can be at room temperature, or you can plug stuff in....


So while I am sweating like a sinner in church, someone else is sweating that they have 1% battery and no way of charging their phone unless they want to melt away the pounds in carriage F.

East Coast Trains, you are not exactly cheap, so why are you being so cheap when it comes to keeping your trains comfortable for your customers? 


Sweating like a piggily, 

Big Fashionista x x 


  1. Last week I travelled Scotland to London and back. 2 hr delay and overcrowded one way meaning no trolley service.
    Return leg "staffing shortages" meant no service outside of first class. Drunks smoking in vestibule but no one to report it to. Medical condition meant I was unable to walk to the buffet car for a drink. I was one over headed, dehydrated traveller when we arrived home.
    No response from complaints team. Never again

  2. I hear you! South West trains are my nemesis! they just simply don't have aircon...or toilets. An hour journey from Guildford to London isn't pleasant. It Really REALLY pisses me off how much we have to pay. and for the pleasure....not even basic comforts

    They set up a twitter competition with tips on SW destinations. I tipped that people use the toilet before they depart as they have none and prepare to sweat buckets as they have no air con. They managed to get my tweet reported.

    These train companies need more regulations. Its daylight robbery and greed. Thanks Maggie T for privatising them :)

  3. Sweating like a sinner in church! I luffs you.

  4. I tend to find that the other half of the year carriage F stands for Freezing. The amount of times I've had to open my bag & wear every single item of clothing I'm carrying with my to avoid frostbite, you wouldn't believe.

    (And isn't F normally the buffet car as well? Hot, stinky and full of people spilling their lukewarm tea down your neck)


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