Thursday, 22 August 2013

London Zoo, Inventory Day

I used to work in a clothes shop, River Island actually. This was before they were cool, (In fact I think me leaving is probably what gave them their coolness) and the one thing that I hated more than anything, (Apart from chasing after shoplifters, nippy little buggers) was stock take.

Stock take was the bane of my fricking life. (Mmmmmmmm, Bane. sorry, I went off on a Tom Hardy tangent there) 

(Rude not to) 

HOWEVER, can we all stop and feel sorry for the staff at London Zoo as today is the day they inventory the animals.

Firstly, let us pray for the person who has to count the leaf cutter ants.

"234653543, 2346544....... bugger, I lost count. 1,2,3,4"

I would like to be in charge of counting the tortoises please, that sounds like the easiest job in the whole place.

And what the hell happens if they count the lions and there is one missing? Can you imagine?

"I know we had three last year, did we sell one? Is it out the back? Do we need to put up a 'Missing' poster?"

I can imagine the monkeys would be a bit of a bastard to count too.

and the FISH! Have you ever tried to count fish? Why wont they just stay STILL!!!!

So today I will be thinking of all the staff at London Zoo and thinking that perhaps counting jackets and rather dubious skirts was not the worst job in the world. I mean, the worst thing that we ever had is that we were missing one of a pair of shoes..........

Yes, Lions, I am looking at you here. Stay in your groups today please. (Have some 'Pride'. Giggles) 

So what animals would you prefer to count today if you had to get involved in The London Zoo inventory?

Bear in mind I have bagsied the Tortoises.

Or what would you NOT want to count?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. I would like to count the giraffes please.
    I do not want yo.count any of the insects or arachnids.

    Orrrrr can I count the anteaters. I like them :-)

  2. I would like to count the giraffes please.
    I do not want yo.count any of the insects or arachnids.

    Orrrrr can I count the anteaters. I like them :-)

  3. I'll count the meerkats and otters please.

    P.S. Thank you for the pic of Tommy. *drools*

  4. You think counting fish at London Zoo is bad...small child asked how many fish there were in the whole Aquarium when I took them on a behind the scenes tour at London Aquarium....

  5. I'll count the elephants. I figure they're easy enough to see.

    And I really, really don't want to count the cuddly things in the gift shop. There's millions of them!

  6. Oh my god, what a fab 'stock check' to do, I'd definitely want to count the Sea Lions! Do you remember the American Zoo that lost a snake last year, it was missing about a week, someone even set up a Twitter account for it! It was found right near its enclosure. That's one stock check I wouldn't want!xx

  7. I will just count the Tom Hardys please. What.. that's not a job?


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