Tuesday, 20 August 2013


I blinked, I only went and blinked and my baby girl turned into a teenager!!!!

Now obviously, this frightens the shit out of me, as I once too was one of those teenage creatures and quite frankly if she gets up to a quarter of the stuff I did..... Houston, we have a problem.

My baby girl turns 13 today and this creates an issue for me, because quite frankly how is anyone going to take me seriously when I tell them I am 27. I'm used to the pitying glances, as if to say, "Of course you are luv" but now, even a Jeremy Kyle guest can add that one up. And I may have got into a little bit of a trouble as a teen, but not THAT much!!!!

So do I knock it up a few years?

(What do you reckon, can I pull off 31?) 

Or do I tell the truth and say that I am 37 and hope (PRAY) that someone tells me I look damn good on it? (They won't but throw me a fricking bone here) 

I have a teenage daughter..........

I think I need a lie down.

Happy Birthday G. 

Mum loves you millions.

But remember, I know all the tricks of being a teenager, I was one once.

Yes, yes. I know, it was a bloody long time ago.

Thanks for that.

Love you.

Mummy. x x x



  1. happy birthday to your daughter! good luck to youx
    may i add you do not look 37.

  2. Happy birthday little fashionista! When's she starting her blog then? ;)

  3. Mine has just turned 17, which is odd, cos I am only 24. Best of luck to you and happy birthday to her!

  4. Having a teenager scares me too! I have another 9 years to wait...
    Good luck ;)

  5. Happppppy Birthdaaaaaayyyyyyy G! Have a fabbydoo day :D

    Kellie, you can pass for 31 no problemo (attempts to do the maths and gives up)Oh 18! I had my baby girl at 18, she's now 23, now that is scary!No one do the maths please...

    My baby boy will be 16 in a couple of months, so after surviving 3 of them being teens I can highly recommend vodka and lots of it, it does help :D

  6. Happy birthday to your newbie Teen Princess, and may I be the first to pass the industrial strength Valium and ear plugs?

    You don't look 37 sweetie, I feel certain you can pass for 30 still, and the way girls drop babies aged as young as 13 now you can weigh up the odds of pretending you did over lying about your age?

    I am now pretending I'm 26, as my lovely nieces lovely friend thought I was the other night- I immediately wanted to take him home and lock him in the shed, bringing him out whenever I feel I look older than 31 to assure me I don't. So, in that case, I recommend hanging around with slightly pissed 18 year old boys.

  7. Aw you look fab for 37 hun, happy birthday to your daughter!!


  8. 31 is perfectly acceptable. I have a frenemy who's been 26 for the last 10 years despite having a child well into his teens. I guess lots of eyelid batting renders people unable to count, so bat away, girl!

    P.S. You don't look 37!

  9. You're 37? Christ, I honestly thought you were mid-20s! Happy birthday to your daughter :D My niece turned 11 yesterday and she's already showing signs of being a stroppy teen, oh dear!


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