Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Panda Babies V Royal Babies

I will not lie, I watched Sky News transfixed for hours waiting for the birth announcement about the new royal baby, and I know I wasn't alone, so don't judge me.

HOWEVER, a royal baby is all well and good but if the pandas at Edinburgh Zoo are 'with panda' then trust me, my royal baby vigil will be NOTHING compared to a Panda pregnancy vigil.

I will not move from my laptop/tv/twitter until I know the baby Panda is born.

(Oh god can you imagine the hashtags?)

Let's face it, Pandas are CUTE.


Babies? Meh. what did we see? A tiny screwed up face and a wrinkly hand? they may as well have wrapped up Prince Philip in a blanket...... (Now there is an idea) 

Another reason why I am excited about a Panda pregnancy is that I have a feeling Edinburgh Zoo will be slightly less bothered about mothers privacy than The Lindo Wing. I want to be able to yell along on PandaCam, "PUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHH you Bitch.'  (I may pass on the popcorn) 

Think also about the name.

We thought we were being "out there" and rebellious when we laughed about the child being called Spencer, or maybe Tyler. I will not even ATTEMPT to guess the name of a new baby panda, I know my limitations. 

Plus we also won't have to wait ages for photo opportunities, Edinburgh Zoo will probably welcome the added publicity for the zoo and who can blame them. (Put me down for a Panda keyring and a balloon please) 

But perhaps the most important thing about why I am more excited about a panda baby than a royal one is that millions of people will not let out a collective sigh of disappointment if it turns out to be a boy!!!!

It's a Panda baby, it will be soooooo cute.

Now where do I need to send the bamboo flower display?

Are you looking forward to a Panda baby?

Or am I just strange?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. I am impossibly excited for a baby panda!

  2. Now that u mention it...

  3. Now that you mention it...all together now...Awwwww

  4. Have you seen a panda when it's first born? Really, not so cute!

  5. Yes. This is a pregnancy I can get excited about!

  6. Awwww pandas! You can't not love pandas :-D


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