Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Summer Of The Side Ponytail.


Summer’s here, and there’s no better way to enjoy it than with a stylish, light, and low-maintenance side ponytail. Equal parts casual and cool, side ponytails are the hair trend of the summer for celebrities, supermodels, and everyday fashionistas.


What makes the side ponytail so popular? From simplicity to style, we noticed four elements that make this easy yet eye-catching hairstyle the number one choice for thesummer.


It’s easy – perfect for two-minute morningstyling


When it comes to two-minute hairstyles, the ponytail is number one. What’s great about the side ponytail is that it’s so quick to put together – you can get out of bed minutes before your appointment, set it, and forget it.


Unlike other quick and simple hairstyles, this one’s quick and easy yet stylish and suitable for a variety of settings.Mariah Carey even wore a side ponytail to one of her recent press conferences – an event with hundreds of snap-happy cameras.


It’s glamorous – more interesting than the typical ponytail


Ponytails are incredibly versatile. For volume, you can choose a high ponytail that’s spread far and wide. For length, you can choose a discrete ‘double ponytail’ to give the appearance of longer hair.


For glamour, however, nothing touches the side ponytail. Sweep your hair across your forehead and pin on one side for a stylish look that can be enhanced by curls, colour, or even braids.


It’s versatile – suitable for the office, the beach, or a party


Want a hairstyle you can wear during your workday, your post-work dinner, and a late-night party? A side ponytail can be tweaked and enhanced to suit a workplace setting, a formal event, or a casual dinner with friends.


If you’re finishing a tough day at work and need an interesting style to wear out at night, try a clip-on invisible ponytail. The cool accessories are the perfect choice for adding a dynamic look to your hairstyle.


It’s forgiving – great on every type of face and forehead


Certain hairstyles suit certain faces. A high ponytail, for instance, looks fantastic on a short forehead and a low hairline. A low ponytail, on the other hand, looks great on a longer forehead and a taller hairline.


What’s great about the side ponytail is that it can be tweaked to suit your face, even if other ponytails don’t suit you. Sweep your bangs sideways to create a stylish look that catches eyes, of wear a side ponytail with your fringe for a mysterious style.


Are you in need of some hair styling inspiration? This Pinterest gallery shows off some excellent formal side ponytail looks that are suitable for every type of face, forehead, and hairline.


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