Thursday, 26 September 2013

A Period Drama

So you having a bad day? You are snappy, tearful, and perhaps a little highly strung.

What are the words that you REALLY don't need to hear on a day like that?

"Time of the month is it?"

You know what? Whether it is, or it isn't, that probably isn't the best way to continue breathing as the chances are, I am going to take your fucking head off. 

And then depending on whether it is my period or not, I am either going to cry, or play keep-uppy with your now decapitated head.

(The trick is working out which one I will do if it IS the time of the month)

If a guy snaps, no-one asks him about his hormones, or whether he still carries sperm in his testicles.

Man throws things around the room.

Woman walks in, "Oh, are your sperm regathering ready to make a final push?" 

No, it just doesn't happen.

And while some women may suffer terribly from mood swings when they are on their period.


Maybe I am not being a bitch just because of my hormone levels...............

Maybe I am just a bitch. 

How about you?

Does your period drive you crazy? Or do people asking you if you are on your period annoy you even more?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. I'm now on Cerazette (sp?) 1st month nothing except a few pains; 2nd month 8 days of am I/ aren't I/pains /moods....this month (so far a few niggly pains, bit pissy...) Mother Nature is fecking with me abd and my moods (touch wood)....she needs to stop now...
    I can rip her out...! I am a totally bitch w/or w/out Cerazette...I need a Henry hoover & nappy bags. ..!!

  2. The hormonal cycles of then men in my house are perfectly in tune with me, however While 'the time of the month' does not affect my mood or ability to function in a normal rational way, the male cycle turns them into a bunch of irritating, lazy, f***ing morons!!

  3. wait for the joys of the menopause , 0-psychopath in 3 seconds


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