Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Christmas Is NOT Coming

So someone broke Summer, well I say broke, I think we wore it out a little.

And now, it is Autumn (my favourite season) The season when the leaves start to turn beautiful shades of red and gold and fall from the trees, the sky is blue and the air is crisp, we get to wear jumpers and boots and wear darker shades of berry coloured lipsticks.

 I love it.

So why the merry FUCK am I being assaulted with images of Christmas?

It is September, not December, not even November, I will let you squeeze in a selection box or two in October, but September? Stick it in your sack Santa. I have absolutely no interest yet. 

You have been warned.

I want to browse cozy knits, but not to choose between having either a reindeer or a snowman on the front. (Although, come December, I will be kicking the arse out of that trend, wait and see)

I do not want to see whole aisles in the supermarket given over to Christmas decorations, I haven't even picked out my Halloween decorations yet! (That is something that requires a LOT of thought) I do NOT want to have christmas music piped over tannoys, and i certainly do not want to see a John Lewis Ad quite yet.

It infuriates me, I feel as if the retailers are trying to kill me with the death of a thousand christmases, (Christmases? Christmasses? See? This is what happens, I should not be worrying about this shit in September) There is no one BIG Christmas issue, I haven't seen Santa out walking his reindeer or anything big enough to justify my rage, it is just all the little things that all add up until I want to grab Santa by the sack and twist, hard.

I'm on the "Naughty" list aren't I?

So far the main offenders are the large Supermarkets, (Although the PR companies that I deal with have been hawking around Christmas ideas since about January-You rock, guys) But have YOU seen any examples of Christmas where you are that have made you say, "Oh do Fuck off"? 

Let me know.

We will name and shame together.

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. Tins of sweets in Tesco beside the back to school stuff and NOT ONE FUCKING WITCH IN THE SHOP.

  2. Annoyingly, Tesco has dedicated a WHILE AISLE to Christmas already in my store!! It's under 'Seasonal' and heck I too thought we still have Halloween beforehand ...

    1. I bloody love Halloween. It's my favourite time of year

  3. Thank you for writing this! I'm not Christian, but I think if I was I'd be slightly offended by how over the top and commercialised it is as a holiday of gluttony. It's not fair to claim Christmas in this way - it's a religious event at the forefront, and these companies are just greedy.

    1. The sheer greediness of retailers are making Christmas so commercial it is enough to want to give it up altogether.

  4. You're right about this, Halloween has yet to come and so has Guy Fawkes night. Each year Christmas/Crassmas/Cashmas gets thrust at us earlier and earlier. The whole thing is not just an absurd farce, first it's the shops starting the farcestive boat then the adverts will kick in, telling you that you must by this that and the other, or you are not getting into the spirit of things. Yea Gads!

    Then there is the whole food and drink side of things where you must, they say, you must, buy enough food and drink for the farcestivities equal to the amount consumed in all the feasts held by Nero and his cohorts.

    In the words of a Vicar I used to know when someone had annoyed him in the pub 'Oh just go forth and multiply!'

    I think I should step back away from this post now before my comment here goes even further down hill than it already has.....and people get an inkling that I'm not a Christmas type person and yeah year the feeling of 'Oh dear Gods not this again' gets stronger.

  5. I am going to shout at every shop keeper who plays Slade before December.

  6. Christmas sweets in my local Co-Op were out at the end of August. AUGUST. I spoke to the cashiers and they were filled with the same disgust. I love Halloween, I want entire aisles dedicated to Halloween first, not Christmas!

  7. I love christmas, but not until AT LEAST late least!!!!!


    Em’s Mixed Bag

  8. My local co-op is full of chocolate Santas and reindeer. I have to resist the urge to knock them all off the shelf!

  9. I could not agree more with this post. What the fuck is it all about? Seriously. Without sounding like a whinging bitch, they are totally ruining christmas with the starting it in September malarky. I've not even bloody gone on holiday yet!!!!

  10. Couldn't agree more- I'm also a big fan of Autumn and wish they'd (big retail companies) leave us to enjoy it fully before bringing out the tinsel. I do love all the pomp and ceremony of Christmas too but there's a time and a place for everything; and September certainly ain't out!


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