Monday, 30 September 2013

Monday, Monday. So good for me.

Now a lot of you out there may not understand this, you may be reading this on your phones, from under the covers, screaming, "What kind of drugs is she on?"

I bloody LOVE Mondays. 

I do, I'm sorry (I'm not sorry) 

I have three children of various different ages. The weekend is EXHAUSTING.

"Amuse me"
"Feed me"
"Clean up after me"

I feel like an extra from Downton Abbey. (One of those ones that is never appreciated, or gets any good lines, apart from, "Yes Sir, Yes, Miss") 

Come Monday, I am dancing around like a bad girls group on the X Factor. (No rhythm, just PLENTY of enthusiasm) 

My time is my own. (Well, one I have cleaned up the MESS my crotchfruit have created over the weekend, That usually takes until Friday) 

I work from home, This becomes pretty difficult at the weekend when you go to look for the Mac and a child is playing Minecraft on it, No worries, I will just work on the iPad. Oh, someone is checking their Facebook are they? Fabulous.

Shall I write things down with a paper and a........ WHO HAS GOT MY PENS??????

So that is why, on Monday morning, I am smiling.

Well, grimacing, I've just seen the size of the washing pile.

How about you?


Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x



  1. It doesnt get any better when theyre in their teens and 20s , this mornings roll call
    A . why is my new white bra pink!
    B ive got no pairs of socks!
    C grandad wants his Y fronts!
    Wishy Washys Laundry is on strike , so DIY!!!

  2. Crotchfruit is genius!! I like Monday's too my ex has the kids on Sunday so he takes them to school. It's fab not having to do the school run on a Monday and I get a leisurely morning! Bliss!

  3. Crotchfruit! Genius!
    My ex has my kids on Sundays so Monday morning he does the school run. Which means I get a leisurely Monday morning. Bliss!

  4. I like Monday's the week has yet to go to hell. It's Wednesday's I hate, the weekend is to far away in either direction!


  5. I love Monday's too. The bloke is back at work (being completely serious :) )

  6. I love Mondays, I relax all day before wandering off to work in the evening :)
    I don't like Thursdays, cos I'm normally knackered by then and just want to sleep all day, yet it always seems to be my busiest day *sigh*

  7. Myself and Monday have a love hate thing going on. I love Mondays as it's a fresh week, fresh start, full of new promise. I hate Mondays because they hate me xx

  8. Crotchfruit- what a word!!! I have to agree my weekend is spent watching son and hubby play minecraft and then having to find endless things to do and soft play centres to have sit in!!!!

  9. I love mondays its the start of a new week and I usually get more done than I do at weekends lol


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