Monday, 16 September 2013

NFC about LFW

There are certain things in this world that I just don't understand.

Fruit on a pizza, (Stop with that crap) Sporks (Why?) and why on earth there were only ever twelve episodes of Fawlty Towers (Classic comedy) 

And London Fashion Week.

Oh I seriously do NOT understand London Fashion Week and the effect that it has on some bloggers.

Now if you think you may get offended by this post.............

Then you probably will.


There are SOME writers/photographers that work DAMN hard, and have bloody well earned their places at London Fashion Week, I have LOVED coverage from people I admire and respect like Jaime from Lois from  and um..... um.......

(I'm sure there is more, I am just getting clouded in people that think because they dress up for their blog they deserve to be at LFW, practically tonguing the backside of Alexa Fucking Chung.)

But London Fashion week has become less about the actual designers and the CLOTHES and more about people wanting to be seen there, and quite frankly that bores me to tears.

If I saw one more Mulberry Teacup I was going to lose my shit.

Yes, you have been invited to Mulberry, but are you going to get a full cup of coffee in that cup? No, so sit the fuck down.

I love clothes, HOWEVER, being a size 16/18/20 means that nothing is going to fit me, being poor means that even if it fitted me I can't afford it anyway, and being me means that I am going to wait until New Look bring out a copy and buy it for a fraction of the price.

Most people trotting along to LFW have NFC WTF is going on there, and a lot of them have no need to be there, AT ALL.

Being a blogger does not give you an automatic entitlement to be at London Fashion Week, sorry, (Not sorry) but it doesn't.

No more than me liking to read books about astronomy entitles me to go and wander around NASA for shit and giggles. 

I am gobsmacked at some of the tweets and comments I have read from people who are either offended that they are not invited, or crowing that they were invited and are instagramming the shit out of THEMSELVES, not the clothes.

What do you think?

While I am not tarring all bloggers with the same brush, (before you all start crying) have you seen this behaviour?

Or am I just hungry and need to chill the fuck out a bit?

Let me know.



  1. Totally agree madam! Which is why I haven't done any style posts on myself during the shows. Although I don't mind people who do cover the shows and post their looks as well. Waste of a ticket when they don't cover. What really bugs me is when celebs sitting frow get more coverage than the clothes! What the actual...

  2. I like alexa Chung, and pineapple on pizza hehe
    I can see your point, i don't think any bloggers should feel they are entitled to be there! I do enjoy reading the posts and seeing the outfit posts cos I will never get to go! I have read some tweets that people are fed up of the constant tweets and instagrams so you ain't alone lol x

  3. For me it was when all the 'celebs' take up the time feed of LFW because they are sitting in the front row. I want to see what the designers have worked for not a billion pictures of Harry Styles etc. Huge size 16 pregnant woman, I think I could probably snap of those models in half... easily. When is it going to be about the clothes again?

  4. Wow.. So it's not just me that doesn't get Sporks then?and fruit on pizza is just plain wrong!!

    And yes, I want to see the clothes showcased at LFW not and not endless selfies.

    So I guess i agree with you. Wholeheartedly.

  5. Tonguing Alexa Fucking Chung! Love you. It all bores the tits off me. It's clothes for fuck's sake! Just put them on and shut the fuck up!

  6. Agreed - so sick of my feed being full of people taking pictures of themselves I want to hear about the shows and the clothes not people stoking their own egos and pretending to be celebrities because they are in the same room as Harry Styles and Alexa Bloody Chung - well said!

  7. I'm going to make myself equally unpopular... Are there bloggers who belong at Fashion Week? Yes, absolutely. Those you mentioned and also Liberty London Girl because although she doesn't necessarily blog a lot about the fashion, I know she works with a lot of the brands. But are there bloggers who I really want to tell to STFU about LbloodyFW! IT's all about who they saw and what they wore and oh look at me and nothing about the clothes and designers that they saw and what influences they are likely to have on what we see in the shops in the coming months. Their point at being at LFW? None. They go to be seen in the right places with the right people and that annoys the bejeesus out of me.

    If beauty bloggers go then I would love not just to see instagrams of the makeup sheet but what they can do using the same inspiration, thoughts about what they might have done if they actually get to see the collection, and actual thoughts on whether they think the fashion and beauty work together or whether the make up distracts from the clothes (which I have seen before).

    As for Alexa Chung, I wish SO much that she would just do one. I have never been so pissed off as when I saw she had written her book in a series of e-mails to her editor because she "doesn't have microsoft word". Such a fucking waste of space, skin and fucking oxygen!

    1. Just to say, her book is absolutely awful!


  8. 1. Most fashion media nowadays is celebrity-led.
    2. Fire up Twitter the week before LFW and you'll see any number of designers giving away tickets as competition prizes.
    3. The BFC have opened up LFW to the consumer, whilst simultaneously cracking down on the blogger contingent. Mixed messages, yes, but also adding to the image of the fashion show as shiny elitist spectacle (along with my first two points), rather than what it is, a trade show.
    4. Poor Mulberry. The Alexa was their FCUK. They need all the help they can get, even if it does mean gimmicky show invites.
    5. Anyone taking a picture of themselves in the show before it starts (a trend I noticed two seasons ago) should be escorted out immediately. They're obviously there for the wrong reason.

  9. Even though I went to LFW this week (for journalism work), I do agree with you on most of the stuff you've mentioned. I am a blogger and have realised that bloggers wonder why fashion insiders dislike them and it is because most are taking away the spotlight from the clothes/designers are are just wanting to be seen there on every social media platform.
    There's this thing were some bloggers feel that being seen at LFW is a rite of passage, and it's not! It's a serious trade event and really important in boosting the economy.

    When it comes to bloggers that are meant to be there, I guess it is down to the PRs of the designers who chooses who sees their show. So any blogger deemed fit by them 'big' or not will attend.

    It does sadden me a bit when bloggers turn up and just taking selfies of themselves and their friends and not even mentioning the shows they saw, like one big ego-fuelled parade around Somerset House - it's as if they don't care about supporting the British Fashion industry. Then again, I guess the celebs that turn up are doing the exact same thing.
    The thing is, the cobbles of Somerset House is an open space for anyone to soak up the atmosphere, so anyone with an interest can turn up and 'be a part of it'.

  10. I think you pretty much summed it up why LFW is not important to me as a personal stylist or a blogger. I work with regular every day people. They're not bothered about what they'll be wearing next summer, it's just started blowing gales and pissing it down outside, they're bothered what they need to be wearing right now. You then have the point you raised about how most of the clothes that we saw going down the catwalks won't actually fit most of the general public either, another reason people outside of the fashion community aren't really bothered.

    Although it's nice to look at the majority of the things we see at fashion week won't filter down to the high street where most of us buy our clothes. I'd rather wait until the dust has settle and it's on the cusp of the new season then look at the trends.

    I guess if your target market is the ultra fashionista then maybe it's worthwhile but it just feels like as everyone will be blogging about it you're not only competing against other bloggers for traffic but also the big publications like and Vogue.

  11. A-fucking-men. I've seen so many LFW posts/tweets/instagrams, and I'd say at least 90% of those were "what I wore to LFW" type. Not what was actually being shown, what makeup looks were being used. Might as well be "what I wore to Tescos" for all the insight they provide.

  12. You have a point, London Fashion Week is a trade show and an event for journalists, photographers, stylists, buyers and everyone connected to the industry to see the trends for the coming season. Yes bloggers do have their place but not everyone needs to be there especially with the great live stream that goes on. However, fashion being the glamorous industry that it is draws everyone in and when the buzz around LFW starts everyone wants to be there - including me. I agree that there is a getting to be a bit of a disconnection between the designers and the actual coverage and there is a lot of emphasis on what bloggers are wearing to LFW and what treats they have been gifted. The fact is that LFW has grown so much over the last five years and is now this pop cultural celebration that everyone wants to get in on. Who knows what will happen in the couple of years.

  13. Just because one likes Chanel or McQueen does not a fashion pundit make. It's actually funny and cracks me up no end.

  14. I've seen so many Instagram shots of what I wore, what i ate, who I saw etc etc and no pictures of any clothes or in fact anything that i want to see. Designers should troll social media platforms and anyone who is me me me rather than about the designers, models or clothes should be banned for life! Just saying

  15. Lol. As a blogger who has attended LFW.. I do agree with you. I went last season and was very uncomfortable with the whole thing. This season I have stayed at home with my cat and a jar of Nutella.

  16. Oi mrs.... I'd be gutted if they took pineapple off pizzas. Ham and Pineapple is well my fave! As for sporks, I didn't even know what one was till the other day. We went KFC and Anton was going mental because they gave him a "spork" with his ice cream . He was pissed.

    LFW - You said it all and I love you.

  17. I think you just sound a bit bitter. If you love clothes and you love fashion then LFW is where it is all born, ok there are annoying people but perhaps don't follow them and follow exciting people who give great coverage of the events and shows!

  18. I couldn't give a fuck about Alexa Chung, Cara, Harry Styles, or anyone else at it. I have followed a couple of bloggers for YEARS who legitimately put a lot of work into the whole build up and reporting on new trends, etc - and I think they do an amazing job. I have UNfollowed bloggers who think it earns street cred to instagram a picture of Pixie Geldof so blurry that it could just as easily be Sir Bob. Some bloggers have an inordinate sense of entitlement and it's ridiculous, if fashion is your business and that's what you write about, by all means go and put in the hours and come back with the information. But if your only previous dalliance with the industry is flouncing around in front of a mirror looking like you're in dire need of a wee, then fucking stay at home and read Alexa's new book. And while I'm on the subject, HARRY FUCKING STYLES?! An Xfactor contestant?!?! What the actual fuck does that have to do with anything relating to fashion??!!!!!! Load of old shite. And I can guarantee you I'm not "jealous" or "bitter", I just DON'T CARE. /rant...

  19. I think bloggers who have worked hard, but have not got all that recognition should deserve to be at LFW! Not the ones that don't post coverage or pictures on the catwalk. I've tried so hard to recognized but there more interested in the ones that are good looking but not catwalking coverage worthy. To get anywhere its hard work and just some important people have not be given a chance or have not been accredited. It's sad but never give up. x

  20. Any fashion week....over-priced, pretentious "clothes" (that will be copied by high street stores within weeks for a fraction of the price and look not quite so ridiculous), designed by over paid, who have no idea what real women (and men) wear, worn by under-nourished, borderline anorexics who the majority of teenage girls aspire to look like.
    I know your question was about bloggers, but as a 43 year old ex Goth who hates "fashion", wears what I want and doesn't care if people like it or not, I had to comment!

    1. Considering the fashion industry contributes around £21bn to the UK economy each year, I don't think it's fair to write it off in this way. LFW is still very important to the industry (something has to dictate what the high street stores "copy", after all, seeing as most stores can't afford a great design team), it's just the spectacle we're tired of.

  21. This is funny as fcuk and soooo true! There are some great bloggers out there who genuinely care about the collections and are there to shoot them/write about it. The peacocks outside the shows though....I'm embarassed for them!

  22. You are absolutely right. Although I am a regular attendee of London Fashion Week, I go to blog about the new collections and to shoot street style.

    I often see people loitering about the Somerset House courtyard in their overtly pre-arranged outfits just to be photographed, but I won't photograph them. This season, I am quite thankful the rain deterred the posers and paraders for most of the week. They make the whole LFW experience feel rather suffocating.


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