Friday, 13 September 2013

Nom or Vom

Slightly different this week, (What? Are you not bored of the objectifying of various male specimens each Friday? Nope, me either, normal service will resume shortly)

Now I personally do not give a flying fuck what Miley Cyrus does. As long as she is not twerking in my kitchen while I am washing up or wriggling on a wrecking ball in my garden while I am trying to hang out my washing then she can just crack on.

(Yes, yes Miley, dear. You are all growed up, we get it)

But it is time to throw it open to the floor and ask you guys your thoughts on Miley "Twerking" Cyrus. 

And where better to do it than Nom or Vom. 

So what do we think, ladies and gents. 

Is Miley, truly a bad girl or is she just trying too hard to prove she isn't a Disney Princess anymore?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x 



  1. Teen rebellion in full swing. In a way I feel sorry for her as she isn't really doing herself any favours at all. She'll look back in a few years and totally cringe.
    Or it could all be a media hypety hype hype hype, she's told to do it by the PR people so off she goes and does it.Et voila, she's everywhere!
    Give it a while and she'll do the rehab thing just like the ones before her, Spears, Lohan and Barrymore etc :(

    She IS a pretty girl and basically she just needs to grow up a bit and learn to not take bad advice.

  2. The twerking I can cope with. I just wish she'd put her tongue away.

  3. She's trying to hard. I understand that she's growing up and trying to break out this Disney shell but twerking and getting naked on a wrecking ball is just too much. You don't need to do all that to show you're mature and growing up. Anyways she can do what she wants it's her life but she should just stop to thinking about what she's doing from time to time.


  4. She makes me vom, shes a little girl that needs to grow up a lot! She will regret all this crap. Just glad shes not my daughter. But I suppose we really should blame the people that are condoning and even asking for this behaviour.

  5. She's a muppet!

  6. I like her hair but that is it for me!!!


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