Monday, 23 September 2013

Ring Ring, Who's there?

So you have a new phone, or you have successfully updated to iOS7, your phone is all shiny and new and yet, you have no idea of the horror that awaits you.


This is some serious shit, I have spent more time wracking my brain over what my next ringtone will be than I did trying to think of a name for my firstborn.

The problem is, people will judge you on your ringtone, (and no-one but Katie Hopkins really gives a fuck what you name your children) 

How many times have you stood in a queue and then collapsed giggling as someones phone has rang out and it has been the last ringtone you would have ever expected that person to have.

Although I still remember the bus incident of 2012 when my beloved eldest daughter changed my ringtone to Swagger Jagger by Cher Lloyd. I WAS ON A BUS!!! I have never been judged so harshly and yet so silently in my life. (my usual haters are quite loud and quite coarse) 

So you can see the dilemma?

Do I go for a song as my ringtone?

and then, even if I do go for a song, do I go with something that is currently in the charts? Showing that I am 'down wiv da kidz" BUT then what if I pick a song that drops like a stone out of the top ten in a week? Or worse, becomes as popular as Gangnam Style so that I want to throw my phone against a wall every time it rings. What if I just look like a sad grandma trying to keep up with the music of today. (I'm sorry, but whatever happened to lyrics? Where are all the well written lyrics?) 

If I don't want an up-to date tune, do I pick something from the 90's? (or perhaps older) or does that make my attempt at looking cool just make me look like a twat? (You don't need a phone to do that for you love) 

Do I have something humorous? (Which usually ends up being as funny as crutch rot) or do I go all retro and have my phone just RINGING?

And even then, the decisions on exactly how my phone will ring are enough to make your head explode.

Do I go for Crazy Frog? Or will people want to throw me against a wall?

Or do I just set it to Cosmic?

SEE?!?!?! These decisions are HARD!!!!!

So for now, I think I will turn my phone to silent. (Or vibrate, tee hee hee) and think long and hard about what kind of image I want to portray.

How about you all share with me your ringtones, to see if you can give me ideas. Or have you ever heard an embarrassing ringtone that you might want to warn me to stay away from?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. Back in the days say 10yrs ago, I had the Buffy ringtone and I loved it. But then I went to a Buffy Literary Conference and at first break everyone switched their phones on and well you guessed it... all the phones rang and it was awesome! In a really sad way ;-)

  2. My ringtone is a herd of sheep.

    I don't know why, but I find songs as ringtones a little odd. Says the woman with sheep for a ringtone....

  3. My husband changed his ringtone on my phone to I'm sexy and I know it lol........ Which I had no idea about until it rang very loudly in a meeting !! Revenge will be mine!!

  4. Mine is called Biosphere, by Swedish melodic death metal band In Flames. Haters gonna hate.

  5. Oh I am all sad and 90s have Nirvana "smells like teen spirit" but even I am getting bored of myself now!

    1. That's not a sad ringtone in the slightest! 😃

  6. Hehe!

    I just have a straight forward bring bring!!
    Kelly ||

  7. I've got a wrestling theme tune (John Cena's, if anyone's interested). Nobody ever knows what it is, although it did ring in a shop once when I was in a queue and the man behind the till shouted out, "WHO has a wrestling ring tone?!?!" Ermmmmm me. xx

  8. I can't remember what my ringtone is, because i'm so rubbish at answering it, no - one rings me any more :-D

  9. my OH has the flumps theme tune as his ring tone which I like, but then some advert started using it, and every time it came on the telly, I thought his phone was ringing :0)

  10. My current ringtone is the Rizzle Kicks Mama Do The Hump, and yes I am nearly 50. *hangs head in shame*

  11. Mine is Paloma Faith's Do you want the truth or something beautiful :) Unless I'm n a bad mood, then it gets changed to Combichrist Enjoy the abuse *grins happily*

  12. Oh my god I have this dilemma regularly. I've spent hours downloading software to cut particular bits out of songs to make a ringtone. It's a disease. It's currently the intro to AC/DC's Back in Black, but I'm not sure if that makes me look A) Cool, B) Old trying to be cool, C) Young trying to pretend I'm old pretending I'm cool, D) Stupid and hipster like I have no idea who AC/DC are when really I do, or E) Bandwagon-y. Regardless, by the middle of October it'll be Danny Elfman's 'This is Halloween', no two ways about it.

  13. Think I might change mine to some trance tune, it's currently the bog standard ring it came with. Do you know what though... it's YOUR ring tone, have what YOU want. To hell with anybody else. x

  14. Mines currently the intro to November rain


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