Friday, 18 October 2013

A Pregnant Pause

Reading this morning about Jo Swinson, the pregnant MP who was standing during Prime Ministers Question time has stirred me to throw things at my laptop once again.

(My poor laptop suffers, it SUFFERS I tell you.) 

Jo Swinson herself has since stated that it is not sexist that she wasn't offered a seat during prime Ministers Question time.


Have some bloody courtesy here MPs. I personally was brought up to offer my seat to ANYONE who needed it more than me. Not necessarily a pregnant woman, but anyone whose need was greater than mine.

And I am bringing up my children in the same way.

Although expecting common courtesy from an MP is a bit like expecting table manners from a Polar Bear cub. 

When I was with spawn I stood daily on the tube, with people avoiding making eye contact with me so that they didn't have to offer me their seats. I once COLLAPSED on a tube train due to being crushed on a train where there was no available seats and no way of asking for one as there were already too many people standing.

It is common courtesy to offer your seat, it isn't about sexism, it is about having good manners. 

And if you trot out the tired old line, "I was scared she wasn't pregnant and I would offend her by offering her my seat" I will not be impressed. That isn't an excuse.

What do you think about what happened?

Were MP's right not to offer Jo Swinson their seat? Has Jo Swinson done other women a disservice by saying that the men were not obligated to give up their seats?

Let me know your thoughts.

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  1. You are quite right, it is just about manners. My boyfriend was recently on crutches following knee surgery, and it was a RARE occurrence for someone to offer their seat on the Tube to him. Suddenly everyone was very interested in their phone/newspaper/the floor. I would imagine those people staring VERY hard at their fingernails to avoid eye contact with my boyfriend are the same kind of people not offering their seat to a pregnant MP during PMQs too.

  2. I agree. It's not sexist to offer a woman a seat if she's knocked up, it's being a decent fucking human being. On that note, I'm not surprised no one offered her a seat, since there are far too few decent people on those green seats! Piss, moan, whinge...


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