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In Search For Europe's Best Lager

There’s a huge amount of variation when it comes to the lagers of different nations, but which countries produce the best European examples? Taste testing is the way forward for this kind of research, so we suggest that you buy in some bottles and give them a whirl. These three countries are certainly hot contenders for the title of Europe's Best Lager, but does your research produce different results?


When it comes to style, the Belgians have it covered. Well, in the lager brewing game anyway. The country is well known for its unique range of lagers and other beer styles created in its myriad breweries. Jupiler, Stella Artois and Maes are all world-class examples of Belgian lager that should be included in your taste test. The country’s offerings are generally characterised by a malty taste and wicked strength. A few of their strong, traditional lager varieties have become popular around the world.


Germany’s Waldhaus Spezial Gold was crowned the World’s Best Lager of 2012 at the World Beer Awards so is definitely one to try. The award tells us that the Germans are definitely doing something right when it comes to lager production, as does the fact that they have the second highest per-capita beer consumption rate in the world. There are many distinctive types to German lager - sample from the crisp and light to the dark and fruity. Unique flavours range from apple hints to a dash of lemon.


Where countries such as the UK and Ireland are best known for their ales, Italy is a country of lager. Peroni and Moretti are the best known brands and the Italian style is pale, fresh and crisp. Imagine the perfect drink to go with a pizza or bowl of pasta and you’ll be close to the refreshing qualities of an Italian lager. This is a drink designed to quench your thirst in the heat as you gaze out over the rolling vineyards- classy and ice cold.

No doubt there are many lager drinkers out there who would argue the case for a different top three. Which European countries do you think deserve to be there? 

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