Thursday, 17 October 2013

Men's Fashion with Capology

It is rare that I post about men's fashions, but when Capology approached me with a view to taking a look at their site, I thought it would make an interesting post.

Men's fashion is something that usually passes me by. DO men think about what is hot and what's not? Do they have magazines telling them that caps are in. crushed velvet trousers are out? And if they do, can someone have a word about those red trousers? I'm totally over seeing that happening now.

Capology are a website specialising in caps and Urban Clothing  with brands including


Apacapulco Gold

Kid Robot

Rebel 8 

10 Deep

and many, many more brands.

They also stock children's ranges as well as Marvel Comic Caps, for the comic book geek in your life.

Products include,

So if Urban Street wear is your thing, why not check out

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  1. I do at times look to see what is considered fashionable for men, but for the main part there is not many things that spark my interest, but suits. I love a good suit. Then the ones I like tend to be beyond my price range, I dream of owning a good Savile Row suit, not going to happen, but I can dream can't I?

    However for the most part the things that the fashion industry show off as being the latest things for men are not just me. I mean those T-shirts with the huge Americana theme to them for me is a huge NO, just no, that is something I am just not into. Neither do I like the 'Brit' prints they are not for me either.

    Comic book prints are not for me either, although I have painted a tribute the Graphic Novel (comic book from grown ups) Honour Amongst Punks by Guy Davis & Gary Reed on my favourite leather, which is sadly showing it's age. It's a twist on the Sherlock Holmes tales and I am a huge fan of those tales. So I have Holmes & Harlequin, The main character of these tales emblazoned on my back.

    Oh and I do own a Muppets T-shirt, but that is an Electric Mayhem one, hell they have played with so many great musicians I love, like Alice Cooper. It also has an app that animates the print, with Animal doing a huge drum solo, how cool is that! I'm such a grown up at times.

    I have been wearing the same sort of thing now for years, as I like the styles and they suit me. Plus menswear departments of most clothes shops are rather fail and I just give up with them after five mins, as that's the time it takes to browse them. Womenswear departments are huge, with 100's of items to chose from, the menswear department for the most part you could fit in a small cupboard.

    I do give men's fashion a cursory look over and sometimes I do end up, more by chance over judgement, wearing what is now the latest fashion. As what I have been wearing for years has rolled round again to become the must have fashion for men.


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