Friday, 4 October 2013

NHS Negligence Claims, Are They Helping Bring The NHS To Their Knees?

Recently, I read an article about the NHS that detailed just how much money was paid out each year on medical negligence claims. 
I am absolutely horrified, that is a huge amount, £470,000 a DAY? On medical negligence? And I was saddened to see that over half of that is paid out on maternity related cases.
This is a time when the NHS is slowly being drained of its powers and all of its resources, I do not and will not blanket blame the hard-working members of staff who prop up our ailing NHS and work extremely hard in the face of extreme adversity. YES, there are people working for the NHS who shouldn’t be allowed to play the GAME Operation, let alone be in charge of anything sharper than a crayon, and YES, mistakes and errors are made, as well as medical misconduct and downright negligence.

Some key stats include,

65% of people think the NHS wastes money
45% of people would seek justice if mistreated by the NHS
£22.7bn set aside for negligence payments this year
36% of people are worried doctors aren’t listening to them.
29% of people know somebody who has been mistreated by the NHS 

I could give you my opinion on why the NHS is being brought to its knees but I would love to hear your opinion on this and the stats above instead.
What do you think about people bringing claims against the NHS at a time when the whole system is in danger of collapse.
Would you sue if something went wrong?

Let me know,


  1. I've contemplated suing this year - I fractured a bone in the top of my foot/ankle last December and at A&E, after an X ray, was told I just had soft tissue damage. This misdiagnosis led to numb toes - a sign of fracture, unnecessary physio where, despite fixing the torn ligament, they were pressing on the fracture! Had to have an MRI then found out over two months after the accident that I'd been walking around on a broken foot. I had to have even more physio and couldn't walk properly until June this year. I had to quit my retail job and am now unemployed still, because of an injury that should have healed within a month, had the machines and drs picked up on it!

    Then again, the NHS has stopped my best friend from dying of cancer this year, so I'm very conflicted in my opinions still!

  2. Suing just for the sake of it no, however suing for loss of earnings yes I would agree with that.
    It seems that many just don't have a good experience with NHS docs being dismissive or rushing.
    Understaffed and underfunded...I honestly think the government is killing off the NHS (I love me some NHS by the way, they work wonders IMO).
    I'm really enjoying your blog too!


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