Wednesday, 9 October 2013


He's dead.

She won.

He left.

and the winner is.......

Look at you all, hiding your faces. My point today is the amount of people I see SCREAMING,


Now I don't mind being quiet about who left The Great British Bake-Off that evening, but what I am starting to despise is people telling me, a WEEK later, that I cannot discuss a certain programme because they haven't had a chance to watch it yet and they don't want me to discuss it.

Er, no.

Get stuffed.

When does the "No spoiler" rule lapse? A day, two days?

I haven't watched ANY of Breaking Bad yet, does that mean I can request that NO-ONE talks about it, in case I decide to sit down in the future and watch it all?

Of course it doesn't.

And for some people, if you have time to flit around on social media, screaming at people not to post spoilers, then instead of doing that, may I suggest you go and watch the bloody programme and then we can talk about it.

Social Media is just that, SOCIAL. I want to be able to talk about a programme I have watched without someone whinging I have spoilt the ending for them.

So I repeat.

He is dead,

The Red Team won.

The goody is now a baddie.

Now can I talk about it?

What do you think? How long should the NO SPOILER rule last?

If at all?

Do you hate people crying out, No spoilers or are you one of the people who hates having programmes ruined by social media?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. For those avoiding spoilers, don't go on social media sites! Simple really. If anyone ever had a go at me for giving away spoilers they'd get told to fuck off, it's hardly my fault you haven't watch that episode of whatever bollocks we're all watching!

  2. I think if you know people are going to be talking about it and you don't want to know then just avoid social media!

    You can't expect every other human being out there to be conscious of your viewing habits!

    Hmm maybe...

  3. Agree entirely if people want to avoid spoilers stay away from the internet and social media and watch the bloody programme so annoying

  4. Awh see this really rages me! I don't mind when people talk about a programme but people who put up details as soon as they've watched something really really fuckin annoy me. Especially as most programmes are out in America at least a day before here. I've unfollowed people and everything because of it haha. Cunts. xox

  5. If its a very popular show with gbbo or doctor who the "no spoilers" crew should stay off social media until they've watched it. We're excited about these shows!

  6. I just stay away from social media if I'm that fussed. It's ridiculous to expect other people not to talk about things as they happen, that's what twitter is for! Spoil away!


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