Thursday, 31 October 2013

Potential Murderer Behind a Door, or Treat?


The time of year when all the rules about talking to strangers and accepting sweets from strangers go out of the pumpkin decorated window for just one night.

I DO take my children Trick or Treating but we only go to the houses of people that I know and have prearranged to visit.

But what do you do about Halloween? 

Do you take your children around and supervise where they go?

Do you just knock on the doors of houses that are decorated?

Or do you shut off the lights and pretend not to be home?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x



  1. I have no children and neither am I religious but I think Halloween is an American tradition that has been promoted here by the people likely to financially benefit from it. I think parents with young children have a bit of fun with it but 3 unaccompanied mid teenagers knocking at my door dressed in bin bags expecting something for free it totally unacceptable.

    I will be locking the door, closing the hall curtains and turning the lights down low until it's over. As usual.

  2. I wasn't ever allowed to go trick or treating, my dad said that it was basically begging! I think this is possibly a slightly extreme stance, but for the sake of safety and not making people's halloween night a misery with constant knocking and the threat of vandalism, really do think it should only be done by smaller children, accompanied by an adult, visiting pre-arranged houses.

  3. As an American who enjoyed many Halloweens trick or treating before I move to the UK as an adult I find Halloween a little sad here. Not in a sad/pathetic sort of way - sad that the kids here will never experience what I did. There is nothing better than getting dressed up and going door to in your neighbourhood with an empty pillow case and not knowing who is going to answer the door or what candy you will get. Obviously in the US Halloween is a very organised affair - the police will usually advise what times treat or treating is allowed and you know whose house you can go to because they have the porch lights on and decorations. Afterwards your pour out all of your loot on the floor and trade with your friends. My dad always used to steal my Reese's peanut butter cups!

  4. I've always taken my kids trick or treating. Just around our own area though. Last night was amazing for Harvey, so many people made an effort and decorated their house, there was such a nice community feel about it. Every house we went to had SHIT LOADS of sweets and chocolate. I admit it could be dangerous if people send their kids out alone, it was dark at half 4 last night so they shouldn't be out alone. With parents is a different story though. It's fun and kids love it.

    Jo | Beautylicious Love

  5. I never went trick or treating as a kid, my mum saw it as glorified begging. I've never taken my kids either though. I possibly would if we were part of a small community and actually knew people.

  6. We rarely get trick or treaters any more but if they come along I just don't answer the door. There has been some egging of houses in the past which I suppose does count as a trick but is probably now classed as antisocial behaviour! I was never allowed to go out trick or treating, and (if I had any) I would probably supervise from a distance or only let them go to the houses of neighbours that I know. To be honest I'm not that worried about murderers or rapists or anything that the papers bang on about on halloween, its much more likely that the children will encounter someone grumpy and upsetting or an OAP who hasn't got a clue whats going on!


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