Monday, 28 October 2013

The calm AFTER the storm.

Now, if no-one reads this, I assume you are all dead. (Or it's crap. Let's go with dead)

This Storm of St Jude is either going to be devastating, so bad that the people of Scotland actually put on a fundraiser to raise money for the southerners, or it will be just a strong breeze that pulls down a couple of trees, fences and knocks over a trampoline or two. As they would call it up north, "A bit of a breeze"

Although on social media sites there will be extremely devastating effects if I see the picture of that overturned garden chair, ONE.MORE.TIME.

(This also refers to gnomes on their sides, dustbins and pictures of Gail from Coronation St on a map) 

Part of me has to wonder whether the False Widows have all clubbed together to hire a PR company to get the heat taken off of them for a while, possibly also backed by the urban foxes.

(This has Frank PR written all over it, don't you think?) 

Badgers everywhere are thinking, "Dammit, why didn't we think of that, we just got Brian May."

False Widows are now sitting back giving each other High-Eights thinking, SCORE.  We win, bitches, we win.

Unless there really is a storm coming, in which case, they are gonna need a bigger boat (and 8 tiny paddles)

So while I am nice and warm and dry up north,  watching from afar, keep me updated with the storm in your area. let me know if it is raining, whether you have seen any False widows, or even if you just want to put out a plea for your trampoline back.

Stay safe, wherever you are. and have a lovely Storm Day.

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  1. I'm sitting at work listening to.the rain lashing down and waiting for the power to fail (no power, no ironing. shame)
    I'm also trying to keep various residents calm cos they are scared. dementia is fucking cruel. I explain, ten minutes later they forget. Rinse & repeat.
    The wind Is getting worse, as I just saw a garden chair go flying past the window.... No trampolines as yet though! I shall keep you updated :-D unless the power goes, cos I'll have no.internet (data allowance ran out)

  2. Would you like to see a photo of my overturned garden chair?

    1. is it like all the other pictures of overturned garden chairs?

  3. Well, no trampoline at work, but I have a feral one in my pond. Never owned a trampoline, it also took the fence out when it decided to visit....

    1. they really need to put that trampoline on a lead.

  4. I'll be honest, reading this made me feel a bit awkward, seeing as people have been killed. OK, not on a very big scale at all, but while most of us have been lucky and might have lost a few bits of garden furniture, there has been loss of life, and on that basis I would rather see evidence of people's bad weather (however uninteresting) than reading a lot of people saying "call this a storm? What an anti-climax" etc. when people have died, and there are vulnerable people without power. Again, I know, it's not exactly on the scale of many other natural disasters, but it makes me sad to imagine it might be my Nan at home tonight with no electricity (it isn't, we've called her!)

  5. I understand people have been killed and while that is so devastatingly sad to comprehend it isn't a phenomena or unheard of in this country. It's winter weather. Harsh and unpredictable. There are storms and strong winds every year in one part of the country or another. Living in Scotland people regularly die as a result of the weather conditions in winter, but it isn't always on the news. I feel the media hold a lot of responsibility for sensationalising the events of the storm, I just hope they spend as much time and energy reporting throughout the rest of winter on all those people who suffer and die as a result of not being able to heat their homes thanks to the energy companies and the government.


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