Monday, 7 October 2013

The X (And WHY) Factor

This is now the tenth year of The X Factor, Ten years of Saturday night TV that I have enjoyed watching as the nights get darker earlier. The X Factor for me is like an Advent Calendar, each week you open a door and you are one step closer to that epic happy time otherwise known as....

ROCK week.

I jest, I mean Halloween really.

But what I have found extremely uncomfortable viewing this year. (Apart from Nicole Scherzinger's moody poses to camera) is the amount of sixteen year olds who have talked about waiting for this moment their whole life.


At Sixteen the only thing I had waited my whole life for was.....

A) being allowed to stay out as late as my mates did.

B) being able to decide whether I was going to make my own bed or not, and not face any consequences if I didn't.

C) and wearing underwear that didn't come in a pack of 5.

Anything more than that and I didn't dare HOPE, let alone whinge on television it was all I ever wanted.

and I would tell them all to grow up but most of the contestants this weekend proved that they are far from grown up and wept more tears than I did the last time I had a period and realised that there was no chocolate in the house (TRAUMATIC TIMES) 

I'm all for letting out your emotions and I truly do not think that men should never show their emotions, but the amount of tears that the men shed at judges houses made me wonder how long their flight was and whether they had had time for their periods to synchronise. 

My main issue is that I do not think that sixteen year olds should be allowed on The X Factor, They are too young. The X Factor machine and all who sail in it do not care about the welbeing and emotional balance of sixteen year olds, they see numbers and viewers and each contestant is just a possible pound note. (Oh for God's sake, showing my age there) 

Anyone this weekend at judges houses who has said that they NEED this break, in my opinion should automatically be thrown out of the X Factor for being, so over-dramatic that BAFTA have earmarked them for the next award season. No, you do not NEED it, you want it. HUGE difference, and if you can't see that, then Cowell, we have a problem.

Plus, I think you should only get one go at it too. If you didn't get through one year, that's it. there will be no coming back year after year, move over, I'm not saying don't carry on singing, and I am not saying don't chase your dream. I am just saying find another path. and I do not give a fuck whether it worked for Alexandra Burke or not, where is she now? Huh? huh?

And yet, I will be tuning in each week, I will cheer on the ones that I like and boo the ones that Simon Cowell has decided that I won't like. It is just  soap opera, as most reality programmes are. We KNOW this, and yet we won't stop watching.

But maybe one year, we will.

What do you think about the X Factor?

Are you a fan? Or have you decided not to watch it anymore? Or maybe it has never appealed to you.

Or are you just counting down to when Take Me Out comes back?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x



  1. Can't stand it so I don't watch it. I go by the tweets that go on to find out what's happening (cos I am buggered if I can work out how to mute a hashtag...)

    Saying that I have seen a few auditions through the years and some were good some were oh dear gods just NO others were excellent, but it seemed the ones that went through were the more malleable ones.

    So I'm not a fan at all really. I'd not mind if it just stopped. Forever. Never came back. EVER!

  2. I whole heartedly agree with you, it should be an 18+ contest and if you got through to boot camp last year (or any other year) or have had a "career" before, they shouldn't let you enter, but that would require someone to put thought into the drafting of their t&c's of entry...

  3. I used to be an avid watcher of Xfactor but over the years I've realised that there's a formula to these shows. In order for you to become a successful recording artist you need to have a moving sob story, so anything from my dad is a drug dealer or my parents are divorced and my mum works two jobs to take care of us works. That will get you by through the show and if you have that "xfactor" image then it's a massive plus. Everyone will vote for you and love you. The only downside to Xfactor is that not all of them make it far. Sure they release an album but after a while they fizzle out and end up on shows like Big Brother because they don't have good management and understand the business side of music. I've also realised that not everyone can have sold out tours or number 1 albums. It's impossible. Only a certain few will make it. I was also sick and tired of hearing those silly catch phrases like "class act" and "you are by far the best act we've seen tonight"



  4. Watched it once. Full of cunts. But I like watching it vicariously through your Tweets :) x

  5. I've never watched it, but twitter does so I get the drift :-) none of my favourite bands would ever get past the auditions which hasn't hindered their careers which are now in double figures (years) and millions of records sold. Then again, none of the judges would get through the auditions either.

  6. I think x factor has def changed the psyche of children / teenagers. Secretly i think they should all be as successful as one direction and they think its all over if they dont get in. It does make uncomfortable viewing at times though it is a proven formula and one of the few shoes the whole family can watch...I prefer to see C list celebs prancing around in sequins - less emotional...

  7. I feel bad for the 2 girls that had already been to the judges houses but yet again was told no. They just shouldn't have been allowed to go through that again! Poor sods.


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