Wednesday, 2 October 2013

What A To Do, List

I am probably the LEAST organised person in the world.

Genuinely, If you need a calm, level-headed person who can get shit done, who knows where each piece of paper is filed and can bring you aforementioned piece of paper with a smile and a fresh coffee, then I am not that person.

(Unless you are a prospective employer, in which case, please ignore the above statement-Call me) 

(I will answer if I can find where I left the phone) 

Genuinely, was life not easier when the handset was attached to the bloody phone? The amount of times I have had to ring my house phone just to find the bloody handset is appalling. Although not quite as bad as when I have to use my house phone to find my mobile, I find the mobile, look at it and go, "Oooooh a missed call, I wonder who that was from"

(Any prospective employers have all gone now, haven't they?) 

I am not organised, at all.

So you would think that I would benefit from being the sort of person that had a To-Do list, wouldn't you?


To-do lists, drive me mad. Firstly. DO YOU THINK I KNOW WHERE A PEN IS? 

Secondly, Um, does anyone know where any paper is?

Thirdly, lists GROW. They do. There is nothing quite as frightening to me as writing a list, crossing things off and then ADDING more to it. WHAT IS THE POINT?

I see friends (YES I HAVE FRIENDS) who go shopping with lists, and I admire them, I do. (Firstly because they remembered to bring the list with them, mine would still be pinned to the fridge) They know exactly what they have to get, there is no straying from the path for these people, they are in and out of shops like a ninja, they fulfil their objectives and then move onto the next bullet point on their list, these people are like Gods to me.

And yet, I pity them too, where is the fun in knowing what you want from a shop? Who wants to come away with a shop with just what you went in there for? Not me.

I want to need milk and come out with dog biscuits, toilet roll and a large bar of Galaxy (Although, I may have to go back as I forgot the sodding milk) I want to need to hoover my house, clean the windows and bleach the loo and instead spend the day at a spa. (That wasn't on your list, was it?)

Lists to me are rigid, three is no room for movement on lists, So it is written, so shall it be done. And that just isn't me, man. I like to go with the flow, see how the mood takes me. (and I certainly don't want to bleach the toilet, have you SEEN it?) 

So I will continue to be unorganised, and go with the flow, yes, I may hanker for a time when I know exactly what I am doing, and when I should be doing it, Maybe I should look at investing in one of those Blog planners that I see bloggers loving at the moment, but right now, I am just going to carry on as I am and just carry on being me.

Now does anyone know what I am meant to be doing tomorrow? Because I can't remember.

How about you?

List Maker or Rule Breaker?

Can you function without a list or do you need to write it all down? (and if you write it all down? Where DO you keep your pens?)

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. Well, as you know, I can't actually function without lists. I have a piece of software on my PC, laptop, tablet and phone called Strikebase, which is basically a to list making and maintaining thing. It's divided in to projects (home, toy shop, blog etc) and then each project has 3 columns, To Do, Doing and Done. Husband and I share a Strikebase account so we can see what the other has done, is doing, or has to do - and we can add things to one anothers lists if we don't want to do something ourselves :) generally speaking I shop with a list because I find it impossible to remember what I went in for, but that doesn't mean I don't stray from the list and buy various other things as well, it just stops me from forgetting the stuff I do actually need. I do do things that don't appear on a list (otherwise I wouldn't be writing this comment) but they are definitely the foundation on which I get anything done. Besides, I thoroughly enjoy it!

  2. I make lists, then I lose lists, make more lists and the cycle goes on and on and on and um on....

    I can organise other people, myself ahahahahha NO, not a bloody chance :D

    I do normally have a pen within reach though, or within someones reach, who I can then yell at to give me my pen back lol

    pee. ess. if anyone ever finds a stack of lists, they're probably mine and can I have them back please <3

  3. I live in a home with the Pen Bandit and The Scissor Thief , it drives me wild . The big kids involved have stated that once im ranting they darent give me them back incase i stab them with the stolen item . Am I really that bad?


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